The Floridian – Playing One Big Joke on the City?

IMG_7923, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know I’ve blogged about the new condo building the Floridian, located near V and Sherman by the 9:30 Club, but I’ve never seen this section in its full glory before. Seriously, what the hell is this? I’m feeling 70s nostalgia here, yeah? Alright, for real, thumbs up or thumbs down? Maybe I’m being too harsh, if every building looked the same we’d have a pretty boring city. But I’m a little hesitant about this one.

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  • Naaaasty. Why not just build apartment buildings out of colorful legos?

  • This building isn’t even completed yet and the color scheme already seems dated. It looks like something out of a Miami Vice episode, where the penthouse apartment would have huge bowls of cocaine sitting around, or something.

    Beware of anything that claims to be “hip” and “modern”–because in two years, it won’t be such any longer.

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  • heinous!

  • I agree on the ugly comments, and the warning about being hip etc (although the building appears to have been developed by Urban Real Estate whatevers, and that seems to be their MO [on a side note, I swear we went to an open house they were putting on and the showing agent was actually a vampire, honestly, the showing agent shouldnt give buyers the creeps!]). What we arent seeing in this picture is the other half of the building which has a COMPLETELY different look, despite being attached (equally ugly, just in an Eastern Bloc flat motif rather than Miami Vice). I suppose it is a good thing to bring some living people to that area…but DCRA never should have approved the designs.

  • Sea foam green is never, ever a good idea!

  • I’ve only seen this in passing from the 96 bus on U St. and I actually thought that was just some kind of insulating foam and the building wasn’t near complete. But seeing that photo and now realizing they WANT it to look like that is kind of…something. I’m glad they’re trying something different (for D.C.), but they seem to have overshot their mark.

  • Those views rock!

  • Crimes against humanity. Kangaroo court is now in session.

  • Maybe I’ve been looking at too many of PoP’s pictures of ugly pop-ups but… I kinda don’t mind this.

  • Thumbs up. A welcome free standing structure that diverts from the once innovative but now tired and ubiquitous, minimalist glass-steel, international style built in the past 15 years. These buildings are indistinguishable from one another but The Floridian is a breakthrough. If it gets worked into a group of other buildings of similar size and function, all the better. While I understand the apprehension, architectural divergence can create a super urban tapestry (e.g. Berlin).

  • Oh come on…….just cause its not gray or red…..the city could use more color….i’m a fan

  • I agree, I think it’s fantastic. It would be very easy to direct visitors to your building.

  • I like the concept, and I like the colors. It’s the execution I’m not too sure of. It’s a little busy, the switch from yellow to blue all over the building. With these colors I think it could have been a little sleeker, less rubix-cubey.

  • I’ve gotta say, while not at all aesthetically pleasing, it’s probably a good contribution to the neighborhood and the city. A little bit of variety in the new-build Northwest residential offerings is a good thing. It’s way uglier than something like Kenyon Square, but more respectable in that it’s not a dumbed-down imitation of countless other blocks around the city. I appreciate the attempt.

  • Ha! Its the showertowerTM. or am i the only one who grew up in a house build in the seventies where everything was either dingy yellow or olive green? it reminds me of the shower in my parents bathroom (before the remodel).

  • sea foam green is good… just not in combination with corn yellow. : (

  • Enjoy the fun play on words! This is Florida Avenue — what do you want, gray pinstripes?

  • I’m reserving judgment but do appreciate the attempt to do something new. And it’s across from Duffy’s, one of my favorites.

  • I think the style is called “modern cheap”. It’s intended to echo futurism and avant-garde design without spending actual money.

  • I’ll tell you what’s ugly…that new building on 14th street with the Dunkin Donuts……boring…….it screams Arlington to me

  • The price of my condo just increased.

  • YIKES!!!!

  • That is the ugliest mf’in building I’ve ever seen, and remarked just the same when I passed it yesterday.

  • Love it. I especially like how you can see it from all the way down Vermont Ave in Logan.

  • Maybe they just wanted to match Tropicana, which is right around the corner.

  • Looks like dorm buildings on crack. And they start at $400k+??!!?? Bull crap tastic

  • Funny thing is, the purple is missing from this pic. Yeah, you heard me right, purple, green and gold…..YUK! The company I work for is providing the installation of the colorful aluminum panel. When I saw the drawings, I almost choked. The material isn’t cheap and it is very eco friendly, but the color choices…ugh. ghastly.

  • I like this building very much, new, edgy, different from so many in our area. Washington architecture needs a boost, most are all out of the same mold. It is retro, different, colorful, a welcome addition to our area.

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