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Lest, I give my mom a heart attack, I thought it was time to show a nice Temple. This one is located at 6th and I St., NW. After the jump check out some more details and find out if the Simpsons are Jewish? Um, don’t they go to church every Sunday? Anyway, I guess you can find out April 14th but you’ll see what I mean after the jump.




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  • Can you go inside the synagogue to check it out?

  • In one episode before Passover (on the show, and I’m not sure if that’s the right holiday), Homer explicitly asks Marge if they’re Jewish. She says no and Homer immediately starts eating a roasted pig after a celebratory “Woohoo!”

  • The story behind the synagogue is fascinating — google it and you’ll learn all about it. It’s been fully restored and is worth a visit. There are always events being held here as well — many worth checking out.

  • Lauren – yes, but only by appointment or for a scheduled program. See http://www.jhsgw.org/

  • I saw a show there not too long ago. Jose Gonzalez played there. It was pretty cool, though the acoustics weren’t great.

  • the methodist church on grant circle in pw was originally a temple. throw the methodists out and find a rabbi.

  • Anon – a number of churches here and up into Brightwood were originally synagogues. When the neighborhood changed, the congregations headed for MD, and sold their old buildings to churches that catered to the new residents.

  • The 6th & I synagogue hosts a myriad of events — shows, comedians, lectures, etc. It’s a wonderful venue, if ever get the chance to attend something there…. POP, are you knocking on the jews? Why would your mom have a heart attack??? jeez louise, you seem sheltered sometimes..

  • The 7th Day Adventist church on 8th and Shepherd used to be Beth Sholom or another congregation, long ago moved out to the suburbs as Petworth’s demographics changed. My parents’ internist used to go there.

  • Both 6th and I and the DCJCC are examples of downtown buildings that were Jewish in their original construction then spent years being used for other purposes (6th and I was, as mentioned a Methodist church after the congregation Adas Israel moved to Cleveland Park; the JCC moved to Rockville and the building was used as a phys ed campus of Federal City College–a forerunner of UDC). The JCC building was abandoned in the 80s when UDC opened in Van Ness and 6th and I operated as a church until fairly recently when its congregation moved to the suburbs. The JCC building was purchased from the city in the early 90s by a new group independent from the bunch that had moved to Rockville and moved-in in 1997 (dramatically transforming the neighborhood around 16th and Q). 6th and I was slated to become a nightclub when a trio of philanthropists saved it and restored it to its prior status as a synagogue. Both amazing stories about the cycles that cities and neighborhoods go through…

  • ummm anonymous–I think PoP is Jewish. The short person post is another hint 🙂 Jewish mothers have heart attacks. It’s what they do when their kids post lots of church pics.

  • That would be a cool nightclub. Kind of like the former Limelight, and now Avalon, in NYC.

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