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IMG_7792, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now this is a proper sign. This is near Chinatown or Mt. Vernon Square if memory serves, and I’m guessing the place might be a strip club. Nevertheless, I’m just saying this a one sweet sign.

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  • Not might be a strip club…definitely a strip club. Is it POP approved?

  • This is a very dirty strip club (and not in a good way). If you like stretch marks, needled veins, and “interior views” then this is the place for you. This place is like swimming, don’t eat within an hour of going there.

    There is something to be said of a strip club that has transvestite hookers waiting outside of it.

  • I seem to recall that “The Rogue” used to be in Penn Quarter at 9th and Pennsylvania, right acroos the street from the Archives, until the 1970’s when the area was torn down after the Kann’s department store burned to the ground to make way for the (I think) Merchant marines Memorial and the Archives Metro station.

  • and it’s right across the street from the new City Vista project! http://www.cityvistadc.com

  • It’s in Chinatown

  • I know you just posted this because you liked the sign, but rogue is among the worst of the worst when it comes to irresponsible businesses. I lived around the corner from this place for 3 years. I’ve personally witnessed several hand to hand drug deals at least 3 raids by dea and atf officers and the aftermath of a stabbing outside the front door of this place. There are numerous transvestite and female prostitutes that mill around the club and the adult bookstore around the corner, and the townhouse directly next to the stripclub on K st is held down by a group of drug dealers.

  • @ro: I don’t know that all sounds like my kind of party: hookers, trannies, drugs. What’s not to love?

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