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  • Um. Everytime I’ve walked by them they are fighting each other. Probably because the owner locks them in the vestibule all day. They are beautiful but caged. BTW, I am trying not to judge the owner, but I have seen them barking and biting each other. I have also seen them out on leashes on their block. But I can’t imagine being locked up together like that is very healthy for the dogs.

  • That’s interesting…I always see them chilling like they are in photo, not barking at people like I would have expected…but you’re right about the health thing – I hope there is a yard out back for them

  • I see those dogs out occasionally, and they’re always off-leash on a busy street with plenty of traffic. There are two golden retrievers on the same block who are off leash regularly, and I just hope the owners are picking up after them. Sheesh, people, basic dog etiquette, keep them leashed and under control except in a dog park or out in a rural setting.

  • when i walk my dog past there they go crazy in that little caged space. poor doggies.

  • I’ve seen those dogs both ways – calm and quiet behind the gate, and going insane at something\each other. They really are cute, though.

    And speaking of off-leash dogs, has anyone else seen the little one (maybe a Westie, though I can’t remember for sure) who’s always off leash with a guy in a wheelchair around 14th and Florida? I’ve seen them a couple of times and watched them cross 14th and head up the hill the other day. The dog stays within a half-block of the owner, but definitely goes off sniffing about on his own, always catches back up, and never goes into the street. He even seems to know to wait for traffic lights. It’s really impressive – maybe just becuase my own dog would be off into traffic in a second, chasing something!

  • love those dogs, but ive seen the two goldens you speak of running up and down my street unleased and watched them poop without the owner picking it up. also… ive stepped in it several times. love that.

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