So Was This A Good Deal in 1910?

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From a reader: “Check out the image at the link here– its a scan from the Washington Times in 1910. The real estate ad section. Based on the ad in the top right corner, it looks like I could have bought my “new” home for just 5,200 bucks! If only I’d bought 100 years ago…

Interesting to see how little Realtor speak has changed over the years!

You should play “is it a good deal or not” with these houses :)”

So is the good deal given inflation and all?

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  • One of my coworkers is 72 years old. She grew up in Mt. Pleasant and said when her father bought their townhouse it was about $2,000.00 and they thought that was expensive. (she also told me that the place to “park” was the Old Soldier’s Home-Another reason it should not be over developed 😉 )

  • not such a good return! $5,200 98 years ago and worth, say, $600,000 today. that’s 4.85% per year. not including the $ over time to keep the house up to snuff! but there is that tax benefit!

  • but just imagine if you had been paying rent all that time. 98 years later the people who had bought would own their place, and the people who rented would have…nothing.

  • The thing has 7 rooms…depending on the location I bet that it is worth much more than 600K. Adjusting for inflation it cost $118,602.34 in today’s dollars sound pretty good to me. Not to mention that the owners, today, may not have paid a dime for it if it was handed down.

  • It all depends on how one counts rooms. Not including bathrooms, our house originally had 4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. There’s your 7 rooms.

  • your link is missing an h (it just has ttp instead of http)

  • Okay based in inflation adjustment $500 would nearly $120,000 today. However, there is huge cost in maintaining the house for 100 years, so it would be hard to calculate whether that in 1910 it was better deal compare to 2008.

    However, we can take a different approach. On the same page there is an ad for men’s shirt selling 79 cents. If we consider shirt price in current market is $50 to $60, the value of the same house should be today $330k to $400k, which is probably very close to today’s price of a house in Parkwood Street in Columbia Heights.

    Also note that a quart of rye whisky was 75 cents. Certainly the liquor price, about the same as price of a shirt, was way high at that time.

  • sorry, I ment $5,000 not $500

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