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  • I’ve been hoping for a CVS or Rite-Aid to open. I was actually thinking moreso about the spot that the Mission has now left. I’d be glad for its presence…more pedestrian traffic. It only stands to reason that such a facility would come. It’s kind of messed up though, because the residents who have already been living here could have used one all along.

  • I’m not really in need of a CVS, most CVS-ish stuff I can get at Safeway or, now, Targ

  • That would be great! Kevin – if you don’t want anything built there then buy the lot.

  • I feel like this area has enough CVSeseses. But right now the lot (if I’m visualizing this right) is just a holding area for trash, so, bring it on.

  • Being a Washingtonian, I remember when People’s Drug was here (shoot, I remember Dart Drug and Drug Fair). People’s went out of business several years ago and CVS sort of took over the landscape. I don’t mind CVS as its prices are right. But it can rival ghetto Safeways for long lines, slow and unfriendly cashiers. But yeah, bring it on to GA Ave.

  • Sometimes I find myself going to CVS once a day…. so I would like one on GA Ave… it’s closer than 14th St

  • I can’t stand CVS. Big, ugly places with empty shelves that long-ago pushed out independent drugstores.

    I’d rather keep the empty lot.

  • My vote is for the empty lot.

  • Although it would be handy for the weekly party on Princeton between NH and GA. Those guys go through a lot of plastic cups when passing around the champagne.

  • I’ll gladly second the call for a badminton/tennis/basketball court… either that or a go-kart track… perhaps a lazer tag arena.

  • I’d welcome a CVS.

  • there are CVS’ on every other corner in DC – there’s certainly no shortage. i can think of lots of other establishments that would be benefit the community more than yet another CVS.

  • 1. Go-kart track.
    2. CVS

  • I was rather hoping for a check cashing store or nails boutique.

  • Am I wrong in thinking this land is owned by someone who planned to open one of those baskin-robbins-togo-sandwich combo places? Did he sell the property? I hope so, fast-food isn’t always the greatest retail option…

  • Why can’t we get a decent hardware store within walking distance!

  • A CVS in walking distance? I say, OK!

  • I’d prefer it if they would renovate the CVS at Georgia Ave. and Ingraham St. first. It’s a little run down, especially compared to the Rite Aid at Georgia Ave. and Longfellow St.

  • I think it’s very disappointing. We’ve got Target & CVS nearby in Columbia Heights. That lot was supposed to be market rate condos. I would much rather it be used for housing (condos or apartments) and more interesting retail than the ubiquitous CVS.

    Speaking of disappointing — I also got a PUD notice (I think that’s what it’s called) in the mail yesterday about the Jair Lynch project at 3910 Georgia (next to Wendy’s). It didn’t mention the gym that was promised by Jair Lynch; instead it said there would be a medical clinic (which isn’t retail I’m very excited about, but I suppose I could be convinced otherwise). Any one know what’s up?

  • The ToGo’s had been planned there by the previous owner, but the property sold about a year ago. Check the tax records. It’s actually a tough site to develop given it’s shape and size. Also, those intersections are notorious for having had gas stations on the so the use might be limited if the soil cannot be remediated.

  • I don’t mind the CVS, but I would rather there was a garden place there….

  • The point is people like to have convenience. Walking several blocks (in my case) or having to drive to the drug store for say, toilet paper is aggravating. People like to walk out the door and have the option nearby. People are kind of acting like this is the last available lot and “damnit they’re putting up another CVS.” There’s plenty of room for growth in that section of Georgia Avenue and a convenient drug store would be welcomed in that lot or another.

    Like the Petworth Princess, I have thought about a little triangular park area as well…a little green might be nice…

  • I hate CVS. I would like all CVS stores to cease to exist right now and be replaced by clean, friendly, GOOD drugstores.

    Hence, no, I don’t want yet another CVS to infest our landscape.

  • Yeah CVS totally lacks soul. And they offer nothing but msg and super sugar-saturated (SSS) drinks. One obvious thing I noticed after moving here from Toronto is the replacement of independent convenience stores (which offered their own unique assortment of plants, ethnic snacks, signage) with places like CVS (which are all carbon copies of each other and, yes, do have horrendous lines). Watcha gonna do?

  • I thought I saw a hearing for a flea market permit for that lot – on a meeting notice on the Petworth List Serv in yahoo groups.

  • I’d like to see a Pollo Campero, personally.

  • They don’t make for very nice neighbors because they don’t have windows on the street level…and if they do, the cover them up with photos and whatnot. It’s a drug store phenomena that I’ve never understood.

  • That corner is a prime location, and I’d prefer something other than a CVS. . . perhaps mixed retail and residential. That said, a nearby drugstore would be cool, but I’d prefer something other than CVS. CVS has a near monopoly in this city and it shows in the poor quality of service.

  • Amen to everything DCDave just said. CVS needs some more competition…Walgreens or something. But if CVS does go in, I hope it’s the ground floor of a multistory building. Don’t waste the lot on a 1-story drugstore.

  • Is the rumor that a CVS would be built as a new building on the triangular lot south of GA and NH Aves, as suggested in the previous posts? That parcel appears to be THE LAST place a park could be

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  • I was hoping for a farmers market. Is that way too crazy?

  • Sometimes you have to remember that those “couple of sturctures” and prime development locations are people’s homes.

  • I hate CVS but would welcome a real drugstore with good selection and nice cashiers. Well, a girl can dream. Or a hardware store!

  • Walgreens would be much preferred.

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