Rentals of the Week from our Intern in Columbia Heights, Karen


This one comes in twos and rocks for the extras. A $2,200 two bedroom, two bathroom, two entrances, two level condo on Randal and 13th (not too far from the Columbia Heights metro). The extras include utilities…and furniture! The place is fully furnished, not to mention a 62 inch LCD television that can be part of the rental deal. There are few places I know that can boast that.

But the most amazing thing about this place, even more so than the television, is a spiral staircase in the condo. Imagine sliding down that railing.


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This one is for a group who wants the privacy of suburban living but the convenience of the city. Space is the word associated with this house

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  • Wow, 2 BR, 2 BA, 2 floor condo (with furniture and utilities!) for $2200 a month! What a deal! It almost sounds too good to be true…

  • Yeah, that’s a ridiculous deal. And being furnished is a great deal twice over — when I was looking for a place I skipped over any condo with a spiral staircase because…how the hell do you get your mattress up it??

    Sweet porch on that second one.

  • might as well buy a 2br if youre able to pay 2200 a month….

  • 2200 is a lot of scratch! That’s got to good for the neighborhood that more and more people with means are moving in.

  • a rented condo in noisy, crowded CH for the same cost as buying a whole house in PW? Huh?

  • I gotta disagree: 2200 is 1100 a person, with a private bathroom, two floors, and two entrances, and you don’t have to buy furniture (or move it). Sounds like a pretty decent deal to me compared to what else is in the neighborhood (i.e. the studio going for $1000 in this post). I would wager monthly mortgage on a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near the CH metro is definitely more than 2200 a month.

  • Yeah, I pay slightly more to share a 2 BD/ 2 BA in a slightly better area, and I think it’s a good deal. It’s not furnished but it has the most beautiful fireplace I’ve ever seen in an apartment. I’d rather live there than spend $1000-1500 for a tiny studio. Of course, if you can find a group of awesome people to share a house with you’ve got it made, but that’s hard to come by.

  • Isn’t 13th and Randle closer to the Petworth Metro station than Columbia Heights? And I thought that was considered Petworth, or at least 16th Street Heights, not Columbia Heights.

  • Oden, CH crowded? Hi hi hi.. sure there are a few people on the streets but to call it in a blanket statement crowded is just silly.

  • It’s on Randolph (not Randal, or other permutations.) And yes, that’s much closer to the Petworth station than to the Columbia Heights station.

  • $2,200/month? gee, that’s only $600/month more than the mortgage on my 4 BR, 3 1/2 bath house in Petworth. what a bargain!

  • The way that some landlords determine the rent is by the cost to cover their mortgage, especially when there aren’t a lot of comps

  • That condo is a great deal for a furnished place that includes utilities. You’re paying for the ability to move into this town with just a suitcase, and leave just as easily. This is for transient people who aren’t going to be here long enough to mess around with waiting for the comcast guy to show up etc, but want a nice place to live. My old landlord used to rent out half of his units as furnished shorter term rentals (he’d do 3, 6, 9 month leases) and they always went for more than this (2,700 for a tiny 2br), and were snapped up fast. He clearly wasn’t marketing to me, or people like me, but the people he was marketing to were in abundance.

    Remember, not everyone in this town plans to stay, or is interested in buying a home.

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