Red Derby Outdoor Area Opens


It is a beautiful sight and a welcome one for the coming warmer weather. I spoke to Sasha, the owner of Red Derby at 14th and Quincy, who mentioned that brunch will be offered starting next Sunday! Always nice to have another cool brunch option. I can’t remember what will be on the menu but it sounded awesome. I’ll post the menu shortly. So what’s your favorite spot for brunch?

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  • My fave topic, brunch!
    In Mt. Pleasant I usually go to Marx Cafe, because I enjoy their food and they are close. With the advent of spring, however, I have been looking for somewhere that I can eat outside. Tried the Heights last week, but I have to say, I was not very impressed with the food. It was mediocre at best (especially for the price).

    So, in the neighborhood….guess I’m still looking for the perfect place.

  • red derby needs to accept debit cards.

  • Domku is great for brunch. Colorado Kitchen is great but the lines usually keep me from trying to go there. Mocha Hut on U St is a favorite for something low key, can’t wait until they open at the Petworth metro!

    Outside of Petworth my thumbs up go to Tabard Inn, Cashion’s Eat Place, and New Orleans Cafe on 18th St.

  • domku, belga on capital hill, tabard inn, the mansion on o street all rule for brunch

  • Cashion’s Eat Place in Adams Morgan, Cafe Deluxe on Wisconsin, and Montmartre at Eastern Market are yummy and fun.

  • Sweet. That sidewalk space up on 14th is enormous. It would be nice if some other businesses took advantage, create a nice sidewalk cafe vibe. Are any other places scheduled to go in to the vacant spots (or improvements to current businesses) along that stretch?

  • Went to The Heights last weekend and thought it was phenomenal!

  • Funny, I’m in the picture…the one playing backgammon with the Patrick (who btw cleaned my clock).

    It was a fine sat afternoon at the Derby and the outside seating rocks. It’s a great spot with lots of sidewalk activity, ie kids, hackysack, rumbles, etc.

    I’m psyched about brunch and have been assured that there will be one bloody mary, not a menu of options (that’s not a heights dig), and it will be great. But with so many bloody mary recipes to choose from, which one will they use? That will be my test:)

  • Is that part of 14th a nice place to sit outside? Conjested traffic, drunk guys wandering across the street, no trees or tree boxes to speak of. I have been wondering what this place was and excited of the prospect of a new neighborhood bar (I live further up 14th), but unsure about the outside seating part.

  • LMLOVEDATE– What did you get at the Heights that was so good? I’ve been trying to like that place, but haven’t found anything on the menu yet that was worth going for. I still have faith that some day, i will find something worth paying for.

    MKing- I’m guessing many would find that area not very nice for an outdoor meal. It’s still pretty shady, depending on the time of day and if (or how many) drunk guys are passed out on the sidewalk on that block at the time. But I guess if you’re up for it, it could be fun.

  • Yeah, let’s see how business does once there is an outdoor shooting while decent people are just trying to get a bite to eat. Given all the shootings we’ve had in ward 4 over the past couple of months, there’s no way my butt is sitting outside at an outdoor cafe. I would love to see more of these types of restaurants, but I first want to believe it’s safe to go outside. What the hell is our coucilwoman doing anyway? All these shootings and I’ve barely heard a peep from her.

  • Parkwood Person, try the eggs benedict with the smoked salmon and spinach. Yum.

  • Yeah, I’m not sure how nice or comfortable the sidewalk seating is on this part of 14th. I think what we’re hearing is more excitement over having an option more than anything else.

  • I’m with “Ward 4 Resident” on this one. I would be too dang nervous to sit outside .

  • I think it’s a great start, but I also anticipate panhandlers and the odd drunken stabbing. It’ll also be a great place to watch the church people preach outside on the opposite corner.

  • I was at the Red Derby the other night and the people on the patio looked like they were having a great time. Just having some people sitting on the patio changes the vibe on the block, making it more comfortable to be outside. And hey, maybe people will be a little less likely to attempt a sidewalk stabbing if they have an audience.

    I have a good friend who lives at Twin Oaks, just up the street from Red Derby. She thinks they are having a positive influence on this block and part of the neighborhood. Hopefully they won’t be the only sidewalk patio, but someone has to be first. Kudos to them for taking the plunge.

  • Sounds like we live outside the DC Greenzone! Sad

  • It was great on Saturday, even when the sun went down (gasp). Maybe things have changed, but I’ve been to the patios on 17th Street for years. I’ve seen panhandlers, crazies, drunks, fights, stolen bicycles, and more — and people still love those places and still frequent them. This is the district. This is not Disneyland or some mythical 90210-like strip. If a few more outdoor seating areas arrive on that block it will be even better. Don’t cower inside.

  • We sat on the patio i think it was friday fish tacos & tecate!Great night as i recal and wow not a single person got stabbed.I think some of you need to move back to the suburbs…

  • Djdc and Sarah- Its not that uppity scaredy cats are saying “oh my- look at the scary drunks, I hope they don’t stab us!” It’s that someone really did get stabbed (in the HEAD no less) a few doors down a few months ago, and the drunks on that block are more of the in-your-face variety than of the “I’ll just sit here and pass out and keep to myself” variety. I’m all for trying new things and taking plunges, but I’m quite certain, that unless that patio is Packed with other Red Derby patrons, I wouldn’t want to sit out there by myself. But maybe that’s just a common sense women’s safety line of thinking.

  • “common sense women

  • I live on Quincy St. I can see the Red Derby from my stoop. Truthfully, the only annoying thing in the neighborhood is the hipsters wandering around and parking along quincy st. I would like some of the girls to start tricking in the C&K like the rest of the drunken women wandering my alley!

  • We went for brunch today – it wasn’t amazing, but pretty solid. Combine that with the friendly staff, decent prices (I’m looking at you Domku), and the possibility to sit outside and the conclusion is that I’ll definitely be back.

    For those of you so terrified of random gunfire or stabbings on 14th street, come work a few hours east of the river. Please.

  • The setting’s a little raw for my taste, but I still wish I could hug every person out there. It almost looks like an organized sit-in. An anti-entropy protest. But it’s only just people enjoying a good value in an atmosphere they’re into. Perfect.

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