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So I can’t remember what the deal is with this property. But every time I got to Columbia Heights Coffee I wonder what will be. The possibility seems incredible. Yet, it’s been like this for as long as I can remember. So what happened, a contractor ran away with the money or something like that? But isn’t this property prime enough that something is bound to go in? Does anyone know what the current plans are? It seems prime for housing on the top and retail on the first floor, no?

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  • Well the criminal who was going to develop this, Rob Hall, really screwed it up. He made all sorts of promises to the tenants that were not economically viable, so some STILL have the expectation of returning to cheap, brand new condos, complicating the legal status of the property. A new developer was set to step in but they were unable to obtain financing. Unfortunately obtaining financing for mid-sized condo developments are hard enough in this environment without the looming complication of legal concerns due to some sort of “agreement’ with the old tenants. It is really a shame because this is the last major spot on that stretch of 11th street that needs major attention. My hope is that once CH Coffee expands and the 3DG project is complete (and maybe, PLEASE, that park gets some badly needed rehabbing) this stretch will become so desirable that someone will step in and turn this property into something useable with ground floor retail. It really is a shame as this is one of the few prime vacant buildings left in this corridor (the vacant commercial spaces lower on 11th are also going to be filling up witih retail TBD).

  • whatever happens, we as a community should stand up for those tenants’ rights to move back in. who knows in 50 years what this place will look like. i want to ensure that developers know the community is inclusive and will not stand for low income/elderly tenant being pushed out of the neighborhood. in 50 years when i can’t afford the property taxes on my house with my social security check, i’d want someone to stand up for me.

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  • I too walk by there regularly and am always depressed when I see that abandoned builindg. It has some nice architectural features, and the ground floor retail has great potential. But I guess so did that park across the street, which is infested with disgusting junkie/drunken homeless men and women, though mainly men. I’ve never once seen a child use the park, though I’ve seen plenty of drug deals, sex, and public peeing. I think 11th street has come a long way, but sorry to say, I think it’s got a much longer way to go before it becomes a prime corridor.

  • Uhh, people do not have God given right to live in communities that become unaffordable. That is why you work hard and save during times of plenty. The owner of that building should be able to do what they want with it because they own it. Tenants who are paying very little in rent (especially low income people) are a pain in the butt. They pay very little of the true cost of living in an apartment. The owner makes very little. F*** the poor folks. They should have bought when it was dirt cheap. My parents bought there house when it was cheaper and they’re not rich and they managed to save what they could. I don’t pity people that fail to plan.

  • their instead of there… sorry

  • I can’t believe you’d apologize for a misspelling after that rant!

  • Ann Cashion was set to open up an organic butcher store in the retail space of that building, and one of her sous-chefs was going to open a gourmet taco place, but that all came undone when the deal with Rob Hall fell through. It’s a pitty because the tenants had multiple offers to redevelop the building, but Rob Hall promised them them the impossible. He’s serving time now, for another real estate scam where he bilked senior citizens out of their savings.

  • Fer cryin’ out loud, why don’t they come to a compromise, redevelop the building, setting aside a percentage of affordable units, and get that thing renovated. With the chain link fence around it, it sucks the life out of the surrounding block with its bleak appearance.

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