PoP’s War Against Flimsy Signs Vol. 68

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This is the hardest post I have ever had to write. As many longtime readers know, I have a very (un)healthy love of Dunkin Donuts. Well, their coffee that is. But to put it mildly I’m a huge fan. Yet I must say it loudly: This sign is shit. D & D you are better than this. You know that. This is from their relatively new store in Chinatown on 7th Street. But a big corporation like Dunkin Donuts should regulate their signage, no? Let’s have a proper sign D & D, a sign worthy of the coffee you serve.

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  • Did you go to DD for Tax Day yesterday? Since yesterday was the tax deadline, DD was celebrating by giving you a free donut with a coffee purchase. That was my first time having DD’s coffee (I’ve had their donuts many times) and I think I’m hooked.

  • At least you didn’t call it “Penn Qu**ter”.

  • The DD on 14th St represented when they opened up last year with their oversized coffee cup in between the DD and Baskin Robins signs.

  • I bet DD doesn’t have a stockpile of bi-lingual English/Chinese signs as required by the city for that part of town and has to custom make one. That could be the delay in getting a proper sign.

  • I used to know this area pretty well when I worked around the corner, but did that DD take the place of the McDonald’s on 7th? (physically connected to the Verizon Center, next to Chipotle)?

  • Nope, the McDonald’s is still there; the DD took the place of the independent coffee bar that used to be there, I’m blanking on the name at the moment. It would be good if they put up a nicer sign!

  • it’s the old shimba hills, i think… and i adore their coffee too, prince!

  • The only donuts I like are DD’s toasted coconut. Even though I need to stay away from them, they’re the greatest.

  • i miss shimba hills. its decor was very nice and i think their prices were a bit steep – but the quality of the product and superior service will sorely be missed!

  • I was in NYC this weekend, and noticed all the wonderful cloth banners as signs that hang from flag polls all over NY. It was something that had noticed, originally, just confined to Soho, but it seems that at some point the trend spread. I love them, but I couldn’t help think — what would PoP think of these? They are flimsy, yet sort of regal.

  • I did that particular banner for Chinatown Dunkin’ Donuts in DC. It was a temporary banner sign. We put banner signs on every DD before the permanent signs go up. There is a long review process from the Chinatown neighborhood committee on signage. The new signs are up, as well as a new curved architectural awning I designed. The new signs even have the “official” Chinese translation from DD Corporate.

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