Our Intern in Mt. Pleasant, Tina, Visits One of Her Favorite Joints


Those of you who have been diligently following my tenure here at PoP (and I know there are sooo many of you) will know that my first two posts have been about Mount Pleasant establishments I had never been to before. This week I will highlight a place I have been to many many times.

As a wee child, my family would find great amusement in my tendency to dance in my seat and sing to myself when I was eating something I really liked. Much to my chagrin, I still find myself doing this sometimes. I always find myself doing this when I eat at Pollo Sabroso.

Pollo Sabroso is located at 3153 Mount Pleasant Street (there’s another one on Park Rd between 14th and 16th.) It’s not much to look at, but as my dear friend Rodney would say, this place is The Heat! I don’t know what they put on that chicken (maybe crack??!) but it is freaking delicious. And cheap! For six dollars and change you can get yourself a quarter chicken, a side (yucca, fries, rice or plaintains), a salad, and a drink – which you will need after you try the spicy green sauce.

I always get the same thing, but not for lack of choices. It seems that most people go for the chicken, but they have a pretty extensive menu, and everything I’ve seen come over the counter (including the whole roasted fish) looks awesome. The other night I dragged my roommate along with me, and she got the Mexican Torte which was really good, and enormous! I even took my mom and dad the last time they were in town. They loved it, and my mom said it was the best meal she’s had in DC. Take that for what you will, but in my book, this – coming from a woman who I have only ever heard give such praise to extravagant chocolate desserts – is a pretty serious endorsement.

I’ve heard people say that there are better, more delicious Peruvian Chicken restaurants in the area. I don’t know if I buy it. A friend took me to Crisp and Juicy in Rockville last week. It’s good, but I can’t walk there, there are no cute little kids manning the counter (they are almost always there, I guess it’s a family operation), and it was more expensive. And so it is, Pollo Sabroso has won my heart, and my belly! Check out the scrumptious photos of Tina’s Dinner After the Jump.



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  • I hate that place! Its disgusting, and you can’t even get an authentic peruvian meal. They should change their name because half the time they don’t even have chicken. There is a great place on Park Road, though – right near DCUSA.

  • um I think it’s the same people on park road that own the one on mt. pleasant! it too is named pollo sabroso.

    i love their chicken too. i wish that they had an organic/free range whatever option though. i have been going to the place on 11th and u since it opened. i would love to spread the money around but sabroso doesn’t have that option.

  • there is a great chicken place on Columbia Rd in Adams Morgan I used to go to all the time, roughly across the street from Perry’s. You could get a whole roasted chicken for about $11. I used to get that with fried yucca and make a salad and another vegetable: instant dinner party.

  • If they bottled the green sauce I’d buy it. Yum.

  • looks tasty BUT POLLO RICO in Ballston is the best Peruvian chicken place around these parts…super cheap too.

  • I wonder if they ripped off the logo that Pollo Campero was using in the 70’s (similar to the one they have now, but a brown hat and a blue bandanna looking thing-essentially the same as on the Pollo Sabroso sign in the picture)
    Considering that every Honduran I know (which admittedly is not a ton, but I’ve been there a couple times so- more than 10) has told me stories about people bringing bags full of Pollo Campero Chicken to the US on airplanes (that’s got to smell neat after a couple hours…) I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to capitalize on that. Or perhaps Pollo Sabroso was there first??

    Begging the question: Which came first, the Chicken (Sabroso) or the Chicken (Campero)?

  • Nice intro to the place — but skip the joke/reference to crack. Not funny in this city, of all places.

  • Good work, Tina.

    Yes, El Pollo Rico is Ballston sets the standard in NoVA. I’ll have to check this place out. It would be great to have a good chicken place not too far away.

  • After 8 months in the neighborhood we *finally* got Pollo Sabroso (from Park Rd) for the first time two nights ago. It ROCKED. As a long time Crisp ‘n Juicy patron (Arlington) I can say that the chicken is much better at PS. On the other hand, I like the CnJ sauces a little better. I do LOVE this area.

  • Maybe I just got it on a bad day, but I tried the Park Road place once and it was basically inedible, the chicken was totally dry and terrible. Maybe it is usually better, but I haven’t been back since as I had to throw most of my meal away. Considering there is also Desi’s coming in two doors down, it will certainly be a survival of the fittest! For now Campero is the area chicken king in my book.

  • I haven’t been yet, but I am on a huge peruvian chicken binge these days. The best I’ve had lately was out in Springfield, VA at a place called Pollo CocoRico. Unbelievable. That stuff may have literally been cooked with a crack rub all over it. Relax, Jeff, it’s a figure of speech.

  • Crisp and Juicy – hands down.

    It’s the combination of the saltiness of the chicken, the spiciness(sp) of of the sauce and the sweetness of the dinner roll. Top that off with a side of plantains and salad – Muy delicioso!

  • I could have also been to the Park Rd one on a bad night, but my chicken was just so-so. I really wanted to like it more. Good sauces though. The chicken at El Pollo Rico in Arlington is much juicier/tastier – I just wish they would open one up in the District.

  • Jeff — What? Too soon?

    I haven’t been to Sabroso yet, but I think I need to. Campero is tasty (and on my way home), but it’s good they put the chicken (already in a box) in a plastic bag, cause the box is destroyed by the liquid fat by the time you get home. I’m not a health nut, but that even grossed me out a little bit. Their burittos are a good snack though.

  • the pollo campenro story about the plane is totally true, on my way back from Guatemala, on the short flight between Guate and El Salvador they brought it on since no food was served. It was like riding the KFC express.

  • I can’t believe the comment about Hondurans bring pollo campero on the plane flight over to the States. I’d heard that about Salvadorans and the same chicken, but never about Hondurans. As Central Americans go, despite the one time hostility among the 2 nations, Salvadorans and Hondurans have a lot in common (and I don’t just mean a taste for pollo peruano).

  • Love this place. Yes Pollo Rico in Ballston is better but who wants to go all the way there? Glad to see Mt. P making an appearance on this blog, keep up the good work.

  • i take monthly field trips to pollo rico 🙂

  • Oh Tina, we should have known that you loved Pollo Sabroso mainly for the jailbait working the counter.

    Your posts are highly educational, however. Keep up the excellent reporting!

    Jeff, lighten up dude.

  • Ha – no no no. These kids are little – like 10. not for me!!

    thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I’ll have to get out to ballston and try Pollo Rico. And to those who had bad experiences at Sabroso, I say give it another go. I’ve never been to the one on Park, maybe it’s not as good?

  • Tina!
    I don’t really know how you will do this BUT…can you just fedex some Pollo Sabroso to Bangkok…

    THANKS Love!

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