Nothing Too Unusual About This Dog Waste Sign, Yeah?

IMG_7933, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The signs themselves are fairly typical. But my question to you is, why are they planted in someone’s front yard? That homeowner must’ve seriously snapped one day. This is my vision of him coming home that fateful day: “Maude! Maude! Those damn dogs did it again! I warned them! Get me my wrench!!!!”

Ed. note: I in no way condone nor intend to trivialize the seriousness of rogue dog waste.

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  • I think this is on my block, actually…

    I have wondered this too. The best I can figure, being a dog owner myself, is that the resident doesn’t want someone leaving dog poop in their yard which the resident’s dog can thusly step in/roll in/eat/catch diseases from…you get my point.

  • Looks like the owner of the house is just looking to educate the neighbors. You can buy these signs here…

  • I think poop-scooping is a trait that one either posses or does not. I see a fair number of folks on my morning walk who let their dog do-do someplace, then just walk off. I’ve said to a few “Need to borrow a bag?” but it never helped.

    I think that signs are nice, but I don’t imagine that anyone is going to suddenly realize that they *should* be scooping.

  • There are a lot of non-scoopers around here. Nasty. Maybe we could get those posts with the bags like Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan. Did I really see those or did I make it up?

  • You didn’t make it up, Otis Gal. I live by that park and noticed them too, but I wonder – who refills the bags when the supply gets low?

  • Yeah- I think this home owner just feels strongly on the issue.

    As a dog owner, I can not fathom what must be going through the heads of people who don’t pick up after their pet. Do they think it will just evaporate of get picked up by the poop fairy??

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