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    Anyone have any thoughts on the Upshur Row Condos on 8th st NW between Upshur and Varnum? Is this a safe area? I really like the condos I just want to see if anyone has insight into the neighborhood….

    There have been a lot of postings on this website and on the Petworth News, here is a sample:

    I think those condos are in a good spot – the area b/w Georgia, New Hampshire and Upshur is my favorite part of Petworth and there is a ton of new development coming to Georgia Ave.

  • I go to that area to eat at Domku. I haven’t had any problems.

  • I’m under contract on one of those units, so maybe we’ll be neighbors πŸ™‚

    I currently live in Columbia Heights and I’ve done a lot of surveying the area.
    It seems like a great street with a park at the corner of Taylor and a police station
    just 2 blocks away.

    I asked about the neighborhood a week or so back. It’s towards the end of this link:

    I’m very excited to become a resident of Petworth.

  • I am a block south of upshur on the 800 block of Taylor Street and I have never been bothered on my walks to see friends on the 700 block of Upshur and Varnum or during my many visits to Domku. To be honest there is crime and we have had a murder down the street. But it has been youth on youth and it has abated considerably over the 5 years that I have lived in Petworth. The Park has been renovated and is frequented more and more by young families of all persuasions along with the basketball players who are always respectful when I am picking up trash or walking through. My sister’s 4 young children play there when they visit. Your timing is probably good both in terms of it being a buyer market and the amount of change that is coming. Are you aware of the “Yes Organic Market” that is coming along with other businesses and new residents at the end of Taylor and the numerous developments in the immediate area. If you are on this blog, you probably are. Hope this helps, love to have some new neighbors and look forward to seeing you around.

  • we go to the splash park all the time (well, the playground *at* the splash park). As someone said, lots of families there.

  • I visited those condos and liked them a lot. Close to Metro and Rock Creek Parkway. Tons of space as each unit is 1.5 levels, 2 BA, 2.5 BA with over 1300 sf. Kitchen finishings were stellar. Wired for surround sound through the whole house. Parking included in the rear with a roll top garage door. Top units had skylights and a den. Negatives were that the bathroom finishings were uninspiring, had to walk through a bedroom to access the parking.

    Ultimately the extra space I could get here did not outweigh my safety concerns. I’ve read a great deal over the last several months. Cabs refusing to drive to Petworth. PoP having to run for his life. Shooting at Island Cafe. Drug deals at 7th and Varnum. Muggings one block from a Police Station. Car windows bashed in because a perp thought you might have stuff in the glove – not because you actually left anything visible in the car.

    But the one that really just made we say “I can’t do this” was a comment about a husband walking to metro to meet his wife and was hit over the head with a brick two blocks away. Here is the link. The husband and wife had the right idea. There were police at the metro. But it wasn’t enough.

    It’s all about personal tolerance for the safety issues. I read enough that I wasn’t comfortable. I didn’t think my visitors would be comfortable. I would feel really awful if a friend from the suburbs got jacked. The extra space I could get here was a luxury and not something I truly needed. That said, I’ve also read that Petworth isn’t that much different in terms of crime from Columbia Heights, U-Street, etc… So if you’ve already narrowed your search down to these rough but trending upward neighborhoods these Upshur Condos are a good bet.

  • A couple other new things on the way — check out the Great Streets Initiative which will bring a lot of changes to the streetscape, including bricking over the block of 9th St NW between Taylor and Upshur to create a space for a Farmer’s Market. Also, a development at 3910 Georgia Ave (b/w Randolph and Shepherd) will bring condos and a Results the Gym. The Safeway at Georgia & Randolph will be town down and a new much larger Safeway built in its place with condos above.

    Also re: crime, there are scattered houses which have been problems for drug dealing. Over the last few years many of these houses have been sold and there are just an isolated few left. When crime happens here it is almost always between people involved in drug dealing (including the homicide mentioned above)…it’s pretty rare to hear about other serious crime. And problems that are a plague in Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle, like rampant car break-ins are pretty rare here. I’ve been a victim of 8 car break-ins in DC (sad but true), but not once in 3 years in Petworth. I live very close to those new condos on 8th Street and would give a big thumbs up to living in that location!

  • Paul, where did you live before? Just check out the last issue of the Intowner (which does not cover Petworth, but does cover Adams Morgan, Dupont, Columbia Heights, and U Street) – a stabbing at 18th & T in Dupont Circle, multiple holdups at gunpoint, multiple beatings during muggings.

    On the basis of any individual crime you could rule out any neighborhood in DC. If you are moving from an ultra safe suburb or small town you might feel uncomfortable in the city (anywhere). But I keep hearing about people deciding not to live in Petworth because they are worried about crime, and then buying in areas that actually have more crime.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Bravo SM.

  • JustCurious and SM, my husband and I just bought on Varnum right around the corner…good luck on the condos and I hope we will be neighbors!!

  • SM – I acknowledged in my first post that other neighborhoods also have comparable safety issues.

    I still have enthusiasm for the neighborhood. It has great character. That’s why I still visit PoP daily. I don’t want to be a debbie downer but I felt “lfm” should hear the good with the bad. I’m not trying to talk anyone of of the neighborhood. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I just think the question deserves the full spectrum of responses. Lets just share the information and let him/her decide.

    Heck, even the area surrounding Eastern Market has it’s problems with pre-teens throwing rocks at people just for fun:

  • I’m at Ga and Randolph behiond the Wendy’s. NEVER had a problem in Petworth. I’ve lived on 4th & Emerson as well. Never had a problem there either.

  • I live on 8TH bw upshur and varnum, street park, and have never had problems with crime or felt unsafe. A lot of long time Petworth residents nearby who are very friendly, and share a lot of interesting stories about the neighborhood and the good and bad changes they’ve seen throughout their lifetime here.

  • Paul, you’re right people should check out the facts…but I guess I’m sorry you also decided not to buy based on crime reports, especially that you read on this blog. It’s true, but crime happens everywhere (check out http://crimemap.dc.gov for full stats). The stats just don’t support deciding not to live in Petworth but being OK with Mt. Pleasant or Adams Morgan or Columbia Heights…there’s just not that much difference. Actually if you start at the Columbia Heights metro the further north and east you go heading along New Hampshire towards the Petworth metro and then into the Petworth neighborhood itself (which is east of Georgia Ave and north of Rock Creek Church road), the LESS crime there is, not more. So keep on looking in PW, hope you see something that suits you one day πŸ˜‰

  • Some of the crimes mentioned above really upset me. I’ve lived not far from the condos on 7th (calling the Upshur row or whatever confused me, as these condos are on 8th, not upshur; I’m so literal). I really hadn’t heard about any of these awful incidents. I feel safe here, always park on the street near our house. I’d recommend this area to anyone, but as was discussed before here, one must not live foolishly and develop a comfort level.

  • also, dupont circle is way more heavily populated that this area. are you talking per capita crime? it needs to be quantified becasue there may be just as many victims of crime but a lesser statisticalchance of becoming a victim due to the populaiton density.

  • hey, thanks for all the advice! I am sure most of us are somewhat oblivious to the crime that occurs where we live because we have grown comfortable in our surroundings. I currently live in a high rise on Georgia near downtown Silver Spring. I work at washington hospital center, so petworth would be VERY convenient. Plus since I drive up and down Georgia daily, the area feels familiar to me. anyway, the shooting at island cafe definitely caught my attention…. are they closing that place down??

  • JustCurious and NewtoPetworth – welcome! SM, I hope you consider this area. I live on Varnum between 7th and 8th. I toured your new digs at the open house and have to say that I’m impressed by them. You live on a wonderful block with great neighbors.

    I’ve been here for 5 years and am a single female. I’ve never had any problems personally. Once one of my roommates was hassled on his walk home from the metro and another roommate’s car radio was stolen. Beyond that I’ve never felt unsafe and feel safer than my previous residences in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights.

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