New Building Behind Florida Grill

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It’s not quite finished but you can definitely get a feel of what it’s going to look like. I kind of dig the contrast of the modern architecture of the new place with the classic Florida Grill building. What do you think, do they compliment each other or clash?

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  • My favorite contemporary condo building in the area.

  • I think it’s appalling. Has anyone looked at the plan? It is god awful.

  • I’ll be honest. Some of the buildings in that area are just way to modern for my own taste. I think they should’ve tried to keep the look of the housing stock already there.

  • Is the Florida Grill a good place to eat?

  • Looks great. Most times its better to go for modern than try to imitate. Look at for example the new row houses behind the Giant. They look oh so cute with their retro look, but just imagine how awesome the row would look with a modern look..

  • from this angle it sort of just looks like a big cube of concrete… I respect architecture that is scaled to humans, respects and delights the pedestrian, and increases neighborhood pride. That can come in both modern and traditional styles.

  • Miss K,

    The grill is a great place to eat, if you like a greasy Southern spoon. I would recommend the sausage (white) gravy on just about everything … the staff would agree.

  • pauper: you really like he look of vacant lots, burnt out buildings and asphalt?

  • Miss K,
    I’m a total champion/cheerleader for the Grill. Best breakfast in DC. Friendliest employees, totally non-pretentious decor, just an awesome hometown source for a cheap/filling meal. Git in there!

    As for the neighboring building, It’s a question of personal taste, like anything else. I’ve always preferred the old stuff. Turn-of-the (20th) century classic brick. Most of the new stuff just strikes me as the product of young architects barely off the teat, competing with each other for trade design awards and not thinking for a moment about a neighborhood’s unique character.

    But then, recent attempts to replicate the old 1900-style rowhouses aren’t very convincing either, so you’re damned either way, it seems.

    [heaves a heavy sigh, grumbles at his feet, shuffles back to his cave]

  • Miss K, YES, but eating there everyday would be not be good for the heart (the soul, yes, but not the heart)

  • I dig the modern stuff, and very much like the building in the photo (It’s called The Lacey.) Partially its my personal taste, and partially its the fact that no one, repeat NO ONE does the old turn-of-the-century brickwork right these days. Its always these cheap looking facades with none of the detail of the original victorians. So I’d rather we just preserve the old and stick to building modern stuff.

  • Florida Avenue Grill. It is as much a landmark in that neighborhood as Ben’s, and they are known for having the best Grits in DC. My wife and I lived around the corner on 12th street for two years and never had a bad experience.

    BTW, The Lacy is named after the owner of the grill, Lacey Wilson.

  • With all due respect to the aforementioned Ben’s, Florida Ave Grill has yet to become as tourist laden. (Nothing against said tourists. After all, we are all tourists at some time or another) But for good Southern cooking, and a more “local” ambiance, I’d opt for the Grill every time.

  • Anonymous, I didn’t say I like burned out buildings and empty lots. I’m glad they’re replacing such blights. I just wish that they would try to keep things to scale and to try and keep the same look instead of putting up these ultra-modern buildings that will be out of style in a year. For instance, the Floridian, which has been documented on this site, is awful in my opinion.

    And this is coming from somebody who has never had a problem with the DCUSA building or any of the CH development.

  • Pauper…nothing looks worse in this city than brand new construction trying to look like 100 year old stuff…it is not the same and it *always* looks like sh*it. People in this city really need to get over their silly and counterproductive fetish for old buildings.

    The architecture firm, Division 1, has done alot of the moderny buildings in the U Street neighborhood. The architecture firm is also the developer and I must say that they are terribly unresponsive to questions. And while the finishes are nice inside, I seem to remember the price points being way too high, especially in light of the credit crisis (dont remember any #’s though, sorry).

  • It’s a little brutalist from my POV

  • Thanks everyone for responding to my question about the Grill’s food! I will def. be sure to check it out 🙂

  • I detest the spring of “contemporary” (ugly glass, concrete buildings) that have popped up north of U over the last three years. It really goes to show what happens when an area is not a “historic district” per the DC zoning board. These buildings are eyesores, don’t fit into the area at all and scream DARK SIDE OF GENTRIFICATION! They will be leveled in 15 years as people’s tastes in this design fad passes. Oh and the units in these buildings are CRAZY expensive too.

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