Neat Neighborhood Find For The Ladies: Moojoo Ken


This is the next in the series of my walking past shops dozens of times before actually entering. Moojoo Ken means unconditional in Japanese but on 14th Street it means a pretty cool store. They design their own shoes, scarves, handbags, jewelry and more. As my knowledge of women’s boutiques is pretty limited the ladies will have to check it out and let us know what the verdict is.  Located at 1512 U Street make sure you walk up a flight of stairs to enter the shop. Some more photos after the jump.



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  • oh look at all those bags…….(drool)

  • Did you happen to see what the prices were like? I love these kind of boutique places in theory, but sometimes the prices…yikes! And I make good money. I’ve decided that
    A) some people just go shopping a few times a year and focus on fewer but cuter items that go the distance, B) there is some massive credit card debt involved or C) I have terrible personal finance skills and blow smaller sums more frequently on crappy Ann Taylor Loft merchandise.

  • Absolutely cool looking bags.

  • I make real good money, too. And I can’t afford that stuff. I think there is A LOT of credit card debt. A lot. I also think I must not manage my money right. I also think that while I’m paying for a mortgage, car costs, retirement, etc. my friends are only paying for their cheap rent. AND they aren’t saving for the future? Maybe? Maybe???

  • i like to just admire….the prices in some boutiques are over the top and i prefer to have little or no credit card debt than to have a bunch of cute (pricey) bags…so again, look at all the bags….drool.

  • Hey, wait a minute. Let’s not shortchange the guys out there who may be interested in this place too. I’m sure they have some nice European men’s carryalls as well…

  • Mens carryall? LOL, aren’t they called manbags? Ich don’t think so…

  • I LOVE this place. And to answer a few questions: yes, it can be pricy, but they have great sales. I got a FABULOUS pair of their painted shoes for, dare I say, $29!!
    Yes, they do carry men’s clothes, but I think they’re phasing that out.

    Now POP, I’m going to be a little annoyed if there’s a serious increase of women wearing my same shoes around town now. I was feeling pretty original…

  • No worries ladies, moojoo ken creates limited editions of our designs to make sure they remain original. Our luxury fashion design house is aimed at pleasing the classic woman who needs a little extra flair in her step. We know the importance of curtailing offerings–this is where boutique shopping can really help a woman keep herself defined. Prices do vary, don’t be afraid. And if you subscribe, we often have secret words and passphrases (in Japanese) that allow you to earn savings. Hope to see you soon!

  • My friend just bought a cocktail dress at Moojoo Ken for $20!!!! The prices are NOT bad. Support your local design house!!!!!!

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