My Love of Vestibules Can’t Be Denied Vol. 26

IMG_7765, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Again, it’s all in the tiling. The owner told me that this one is original from 1907.

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  • my b.f.’s house has a vestibule. It features tile painted white and wallpaper from oh maybe 1948 featuring colonial houses and horse-drawn carriages on a dark green background. Such a Petworth scene, I know… I’m getting out the paint stripper thanks to you, PoP, and will see what I can unearth. Stay tuned for before-and-after pics!

  • Awesome….

  • who can i hire to design and do this in my vestibule. it is just a boring painted wall…?

  • I too love vestibules and have noticed them since my old days in Mount Pleasant. To get someone to do one, I assume you’d get someone who works with tiles, especially a remodeler who does bathrooms. Just a thought…

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