My Love of Vestibules Can’t be Denied Vol 13

IMG_8086, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one is extraordinary. So tell me, in new construction would you rather have square footage used for a sweet vestibule or more square footage for “living space”?

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  • PoP–what is UP with the vestibules? Why do you like them so much? I can see liking a vestibule with space for say, a coat rack or a place to put your smelly running shoes, but these aren’t like that… so what’s the attraction?

  • I think vestibules are very practical. In nasty weather, it gives you a place to wipe your shoes, shake or leave your umbrella, and (like my roommate) put your bike. Like a mud room or cloak room inside, except you get to keep all that mess out of your home. And tiled like these, you can mop or hose them out easily.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    For me, I think I just dig the tiles.

  • I think he just likes the word “vestibule”. Not that I blame him in the least.

  • i think they keep the house warmer/colder too by allowing the double door thing tho trap the cold/hot air in the vestibule.

  • I love them as well – the tile is cool, the warm/cool air thing, plus an area to keep your wet umbrella (and your visitors too), wet/muddy shoes, etc. I’d build one into a new home if I were ever to do such a thing.

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