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Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglass, but who’s in the middle?

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  • Looks like Mary McLeod Bethune to me and my husband.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    What is Mary McLeod Bethune famous for?

  • I wish they’d done a more flattering depiction of Mrs. Bethune. Sheesh.

  • That’s also the site of one of the biggest open-air drug markets in the area. Just walk past there around 7-8 PM at night — and it’s right next to Park View Elementary.

  • Tom’s right, but you don’t have to go at night either to see seedy stuff go down. That place is disgusting and full of junkies and homeless people doing nothing but hanging out. Does anyone even use that facility? I imagine it’s hard to get in if one has to walk past past all of that nastiness that hangs out there.

  • petworth princess is right.

  • @Tom

    Not that it makes it any more tolerable but isn’t ParkView Elementary closed?

  • Parkview ES is slated to close, but not at the end of this school year. When Bruce-Monroe ES was taken off the chancellor’s to be closed list, Parkview was added in its place. It’s kind of upsetting to hear about drug dealing and other crime so near an elementary school, and in sight of murals of Frederick Douglass et al.

  • I always thought it was Barbara Bush

  • If you spent more time there and really invested yourself in the place you might not so readily call it “disgusting”.

  • I wish they

  • Wow. Just wow. I thought everyone knew who Mary McLeod Bethune was.

  • Talk about having a eurocentric view of the world. Get a clue, people, and learn a bit more about history. And don’t ever so readily mock things that you don’t know. An unflattering picture, yes, but come on. Who is Mary McLeod Bethune. Seriously?

  • Park View isn’t closed, but it is slated to be closed at the end of the next school year. It has a very active tutoring and mentoring program that I volunteer with, which is run by an energetic nonprofit. STEPdc (the nonprofit) will move to Bruce-Monroe, but everyone hopes Park View won’t be closed after all.

  • Jeez, Anonymous, so judgmental! Just because someone doesn’t know something that seems obvious to you doesn’t make them eurocentric and clueless. POP-dude frequently asks questions to get readers to comment and converse, maybe he was trying to start a conversation? You don’t need to take everything so personally.

    Golden Silence: LOL, California Raisin. I was thinking she looks like the Quaker Oatmeal man after a horrible accident involving a pot of boiling oatmeal in the face. The other two portraits look ok; didn’t the muralist step back and think, maybe I could help Mary out a little? I mean, she doesn’t need to look like Halle Barry but that portrait is rough.

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