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  • Nope…I’ve snickered at it myself. Definitely creates ‘top of mind’ awareness.

  • me too! a friend of mine’s father owns a place in bladensburg, md called s&m auto supply. i laugh everytime i think about it! funny thing is that he’s a standup comic and won’t use it in his routine!

  • Typical man…

  • The owners are wonderful people — you know the types who quit good jobs to pursue a dream. I loved walking the dog by there every day to hear the tourists snicker on their way to Lauriol Plaza, back when we lived in Dupont. What’s tricky is when you need to google the store from work to get their phone number….

  • That’s so funny, David about googling it from work. And of course the name is “clever”. That’s why they picked it. BTW, I can’t get this great blog at work (I work for the school system), as it’s blocked against blogs. So I have to access it through the back door. Which reminds me, when I was a kid there was a liquor store that had a sign Al’s rear entrance. My father and I laughed every time we read it.

  • Yer my kind of guy PoP…..or…..great minds think alike?

  • obviously intended to be sexual innuendo

  • I used to live right near Doggie Style and used to cringe whenever I walked by with visiting relatives — I guess there are a lot of dirty names in the neighborhood that I just don’t understand (does Lambda Rising mean somthing as well?).

  • I like those stores with names that are a double entendre. Reminds me, I used to get my hair cut at a place called ‘Curl up and Dye’ in Chicago.

  • Hey, I found “Senators Sausages” funny, so I think you can guess what I think about this.

  • I have that same snickering reaction whenever I see that place called “The Department of Justice” …. teehee. I mean, really…

  • I have always found that sign hilarious. Surely intentional…

  • I was in Fort Collins, CO and saw a ladies’ waxing salon called “The Screamin’ Peach” and it had a picture of a peach on it….I thought that was more than a bit racy! And painful sounding….

  • I’m from Fort Collins! In Denver there was an ice cream shop owned and run by a lesbian couple called “Lickety Splits.” Delish.

  • Surfing to old posts? Don’t forget that Admiral Duport was a rear admiral. It’s right there on the bottom of the fountain.

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