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  • Not that Gap is in any place financially or socially to be opening new stores.

  • Personally I think we’ve got enough cheesy chic franchise boutiques in this city… U st. has a very unique flavor to it and I would be increadibly dissapointed If I woke up one morning to realize that Etete, Black Cat, Bohemian Caverns, U*topia, Ben’s Chili Bowl and countless other DC gems had been replaced with Banana Republics, La Tascas, and the Latenightshots crowd who frequent them. Whether you view it as a social boon or bane I believe Georgetown functions as a splendid cultural quarentine and I’m inclined to leave it that way, U st. as it is please.

    …that being said (and before hate rains down upon me) I like pizzeria paradiso as much as the next guy; I’m not saying that G’town is the 10th circle of hell or anything, I’m just saying we don’t need another one on U St.

  • I’d be offended only because I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Gap to a bar… Banana maybe, but not Gap. Shudder.

  • PoP, why oh why must you keep asking these questions??? Comment wars between boutique shoppers/franchise haters vs. the “no one can afford that stuff anyway, and I’m sick of paying the mark up” crowds commence!

  • Last time I checked, Gap owns Banana Republic.

  • Its all coming, just a matter of time! This stuff follows money and money is being made on U Street!

  • There’s a GAP on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Not much is sacred anymore.

  • I think this is an interesting question. The cynic in me thinks that one of the reasons one hears ( and reads) so much about U Street’s sepia-tinted past is because it is not there anymore. It is a way of being “in it, but not of it.” Besides, as we all know, capitalism never sleeps….. (sigh)

  • Folks,

    a.) Gap, Inc. was founded in San Francisco. Not terribly shocking that they operate a location at a prominent corner in their hometown.

    b.) Not in the LNS crowd would be caught dead wearing Banana Republic or dining at La Tasca. Seriously. Maybe we’d deign to pollute U Street if Brooks Brothers or Zaytinya bumped Ben’s Chili Bowl and its dreadful food and horrible service out of that location. But that doesn’t seem too likely, does it?

  • what was the point of the article in the NYT? I’m always confused when they decide to review a place in DC and yet offer little to no actual commentary other than a few cheap pokes at DC, ala Journey and not dropping what congressperson you work for at the door. seriously, WTF???

  • CP,

    I just learned that GAP has left that location since I moved from SF. And the hippies sighed relief.

    It was somewhat shocking that GAP was on Haight-Ashbury, the one time epicenter of counter-culture in a city obsessed with that history. It wasn’t particularly welcome in that location (obviously), regardless of GAP’s SF roots. Not that the Haight is very “authentic” at all anymore, but the GAP coming in sort of put the nail in the coffin.

  • is someone comparing zaytinya (and by extension jose andres) to LNS?


    Jose Andres’ restaurants are one of the finest things about this city, hands down. the dim sum brunch at cafe atlantico is seriously world class. lets not put his thriving, vibrant zatinya in the same class as THE GAP!! jeez.

  • ha — I recently met a member of LNS.
    Predictably, he was very good to look at, but acted as if he ruled the world. My anger and hatred now extend to the person who introduced us.

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