Lookin’ Good Coming and Going!

IMG_8237, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I spotted this mirror on the outside of a door and freaking loved it. I’m just picturing a John Travolta type character from Staying Alive. You know when he’s like “don’t touch my hair, I spend a lot time on my hair…”. Right, someone is fixing their hair saying to themselves – damn I look good- and then entering then home. Awesome, simply awesome.

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  • my uncle has a little mirror above his front door…keeps “evil eye” away. if that’s the case here, then these people are super paranoid!

  • No matter how cute it looks or use full in personal grooming.
    It is bad idea to have big mirror on exterior side of the building. Reflection of light (both from sun and car) could blind a driver and could cause a life treating accident.

    I hope the owner of this house will see this message and will rethink it.

  • Actually, it could be a great safety amenity – you can see if someone’s coming up behind you as you fumble in your purse late at night for your keys!

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