Lawn Decoration of the Day

IMG_8099, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A modern day venus de milo? Wait Venus has a head. Maybe this was just a normal sculpture that got its head knocked off? If that were the case should you still keep the sculpture? So what do you think about this one, intentionally headless or a decapitation?

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  • Refreshingly realistic. I was hoping to see something like this after several weird hours in the Hirschhorn Sunday!

  • It’s the statue from Goldfinger!! You know the one at which Odd Job throws his hat!

  • That’s in front of my house. Weird to see it here. It belongs to my upstairs neighbors and, yes, it was once headed. The head, if you look closely, is now either a) above the door or b) in a potted plant, depending on my neighbors’ whimsy. At least one leg is visible, too. See if you can find it! It’s a game with the weird sculpture in front of my English basement!

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