I’ve Never Seen Two Rowhouses Connected Like This Before


That’s pretty wild, yeah? What’s the purpose? Was added on to an extension? But there’s no windows? I’m confused. Does it add to the stability? Has anyone seen something like this before?

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  • strangeness.

  • Were there windows on the other side of it? That is odd…so odd I probably would have just marched right up and knocked on the door and asked….

  • We have a “sky” bridge connecting the old building of my school to the new building. The bridge runs over the alley way.

  • But Amyc, students have a need to walk between buildings, I doubt that the two families living here have a similiar need.

  • It looks like the building on the right has 4 mailboxes, so maybe they’re both converted into apartments, and owned by the same person or company. Not sure why exactly they’d want to connect them though.

  • Here’s the scoop (I learned it by asking an owner a couple years ago). That row of homes on Q street used to be dormitories for a women’s school. The school house is across the street and has been converted to condos. The houses were connected on the second level so that the women would not have to go out on to the street to get from one house to another.

  • Thanks, anderlank–when I lived on Q Street I would always wonder about it. I even asked an architect friend, and he couldn’t figure it out….

  • My theory: A modern day polygamist family living in the City, a la “Big Love”!!!

    The husband had to build a land bridge to keep track of his womens!

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