It’s Time To Play Good Deal or Not?


I think the courtyard of the Union Row condos looks awesome. The condos are located on 14th St. between V and W and this is a pretty sweet location that should be factored in for “good deal or not”. Apparently there are two types of condos – The Flats and The Warehouses. The Flats prices range from studios in the high $200s, one bedrooms from mid $400s and two bedrooms, the upper $400s and two bedrooms/dens from the upper $500s.

The Warehouse has single level units from the high $300s, 1.5 level units from the upper $400s and 2.5 levels from the low $700s. If anyone can find interior pictures be sure to post the link in the comments. But this is a new building so I’m sure it looks nice. Now have at it, good deal or not?

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  • Hard to say without seeing and knowing square footage, but prices sound to be in line with any new condo development for a good/hip location like that.

  • I know that I would love to be able to afford one. If I could, I would. And since there are people already living there, I can only assume that other people that CAN, feel the same way I do.

  • prices are a little over $500/sq ft, which is the average in DC right now for new construction, here are some online tours:

  • The multi-level warehouse units are smaller than you would think based on the square footage, because there is a lot of wasted square feet in the entrance areas (it’s like a mud room, with stairs that then lead to your unit). Otherwise, they are your typical new construction. I was a little disappointed to tell the truth, but, maybe I just expect too much.

  • i went there on a windy day a while back. was actually BLOWN into that corridor by the intense wind. i have to say i like the designs BUT they are SOOOOO small. the “second bedroom” is mini. with huge windows looking out onto an alley with trash and dilapidated/vacant homes. very high ceilings though.

  • But how much are the condo fees? To me, that has to factor in to deciding on the quality of the deal.

  • I think the courtyard looks nice too … for now. But if, in your mind, you change the setting to nighttime, add a little bit of blowing trash, a flickering light, and a couple of loiterers, then it’s not a nice looking place at all. Just seems like the kind of place that in 10 or 15 years could be really slummy.

  • I loved these places. Moreso the Flats than the Warehouses. PNHoffman always has great finishings and features in their condos. The granite countertops extended into backsplashes, the bathrooms had pedestal sinks and standup showers with travertine tile, the floor the ceiling windows serviced the entire walls of the living spaces rather than just sections of it.

    I really dug how they invested alot into making the hallways look great. Alot of hi-rises you feel like your in a hotel when you walk the halls. I didn’t at the Flats. The hallways had the same exposed ductwork in the ceilings as the units had. The frames around the doors were stainless steel with the unit numbers engraved in. There were even some huge windows in the hallways near the elevators. Most other builders would have just stuck another unit in that spot rather than allow for light to the hallways.

    But 430K for a 1BR before parking ain’t in the cards for me. Studios were cheaper but not my thing…

    My full post on the Flats:

  • Heck you can get a row house on my street (Unit Block of Crittenden St, NE0 for $285K. Amenities include short walk to virtually unused Ft Totten Park and El Limino. Or you can spend hours contemplating the Adams Memorial in Rock Creek Church Cementary!

  • “could be really slummy” or really awesome in 10 or 15 years. The courtyards and alleys in Georgetown (e.g., where Sea Catch restaurant or Blues Alley are) are charming and neat, despite the fact that they could be scary under different circumstances. This area’s on the upswing for sure, I think it’ll continue to be so with all the new market rate development going in all around. Unless something unexpected happens to the DC market, this area’s gonna continue to get better, imo.

  • Does anyone know when the Yes! organic market will be opening in Union Row? Also, any word on what the other retail will be?

    I’ve only heard about the Eatonville restaurant, which sounds like a great addition to that stretch of 14th Street.

  • Is it just me or does the picture above look straight out of a scene from the Shawshank Redemption?

  • YES! Organic is slated to open early summer; they apparently want to sell wine and beer as well.
    The only other things expected is a drug store, at 14th & W. Word is final lease issues are being negotiated. I’d guess a Walmart, since they’re trying to create a footprint in the area.

  • miorka: I’m really hoping (and think I am correct in assuming) you meant Wallgreens, not Walmart.

  • wallgreens. whoops!

  • sweet! Absolutely a great deal at below $500/sqft. When the shops open up it’ll be really nice. Do you guys know how much they’ve sold?

  • Steve – one thing you’re completely forgetting is LOCATION! Living near Rock Creek Church Cementary is far different than living near U street. That may be what you want, but not what someone else wants.

  • The flats is around 65-70% sold, im not sure about the warehouses, but it’s lower. maybe 50% or so.

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