Is This The Worst Sculpture in the City?

IMG_8122, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Look at this thing. I’m no sophisticated critic but I’d have to say it is pretty awful. Please tell me one redeeming quality about this sculpture. Ok, I thought of one, the restaurant Zaytinya is behind it and I kind of like Zaytinya. But seriously, does anyone dig this?

Clement Greenberg famously said, “You like it, that’s all, whether it’s a landscape or abstract. You like it. It hits you. You don’t have to read it. The work of art-sculpture or painting-forces your eye.”

So who likes it?

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  • At least it’s better than the leaf at the metro.

  • It looks like Don Johnson threw up after taping an episode of Miami Vice.

  • I agree, it stinks. The worst local sculpture, hands down, has to be the new “masterpiece” located at National Harbor (not The Awakening, the new abstract one).

  • It’s fun and happy – I like it!

  • I actually like it. It’s a fun splash of color that contrasts with the stone, pavement, glass and brick that dominates downtown…

  • I actually really like it to. It makes that space really pop.

  • Yeah I think it’s really beautiful. The colors are amazing, and the interplay of shapes are fantastic which does wonderful things with light and shadow — and a second dimension to the colors. Not all art should appease everyone. Or even come close. But I find this piece to be an absolute joy.

  • I like it. It looks like the tree people from lord of the rings. except in vibrant color.

  • The sculpture I dislike the most is the weird red girder thing in front of the Hirschorn. This at least has fun interplay of colors. Though I can totally see the Miami Vice Vomit commenter’s P.O.V too.

  • Jack – the girder was not just bad. A structural engineer friend noticed right away that it was constructed/bolted together in an incorrect manner if artist was trying to capture “industry” or whatever. I say “was” because I think it’s gone now, replaced with something a lot better – look next time.

  • its like a 3D version of bad 1980’s denim jacket graffiti.

  • horrible. almost as bad as the dancing couple of people above the grocery store in rosslyn.

  • @Petworthy

    LOL. I’m unfortunate enough to have a cube window view of that Rosslyn sculpture.

  • I just like it, especially the colors: turquoise, darkish yellow and lavender. And the shapes. Hey, maybe I’ve been around little kids too much, but I find it appealing.

  • I dig it.

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