Is This How We Honor One of Our Nation’s Greatest Presidents?

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This photograph captures a Library of Congress campaign at the Gallery Place Metro Station. [Incidentally, I wonder if they’ll ever change the name of the metro station to Penn Quarter?] But back to the point, as you can see there is a gigantic portrait of Lincoln on the floor. I always try and walk around it but you know at hockey games and rush hour people are tromping all over Lincoln’s head. I think Saddam Hussein made a big deal out of painting a huge portrait of George H.W. Bush on the floor so that people had to walk all over him. I’m just saying, might not be the most respectful thing for one of greatest Presidents. Am I being too sensitive or is it a bit weird to walk over Lincoln’s head every morning?

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  • Why would they change it to Penn Quarter? Isn’t Archives also Penn Quarter?

    On that note, does anyone know what the naming rules for Metro stations are? I mean the use of dashes and slashes. What’s the difference between Grosvenor-Strathmore and U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah, yeah you’re right, Archives is also Penn Quarter, good call.

  • DC-area natives unite against the name “Penn Quarter”! It’s retarded. It’s friggin’ Chinatown. It’s always gonna be Chinatown.

    That having been said…yeah it’s kind of wrong to be walking on Mr. Lincoln’s head. I think you’re absolutely right.

  • I agree about not walking on Lincoln, and though I’ve seen many ads associated with this campaign, I hadn’t seen the “floor version” until now. Maybe you ought to take your issue to the Library of Congress blog ( You might get an official response there.

  • I’m not a fan of walking on a portrait. However, I would like to hear their reasoning for it.

  • i think its only offensive if you stomp across his face thinking ‘i want to offend the memory of lincoln’.. maybe its not the best place for an advertisement, but i think that banners hung from the ceiling would probably be a lot more exspensive than just a vinyl cling on the floor… i honestly think that some people are just too sensitive about things… should we start paying city workers to hold unbrellas over the head of all the statues in dc so they dont get bird poop on their heads?

  • In the Arab world, there is a cultural significance to encouraging/allowing people to walk on something symbolic because showing or putting something in contact with the bottom of a shoe is considered one of the most serious insults you can make.

    In contrast, the US embeds our symbols into floors and carpeting all the time. In fact, isn’t the presidential insignia woven into a big rug in the oval office?

  • I can see where people would see it as an issue, but honestly it’s what you make it. The fact that we still celebrate this man so many years after his death is an honor itself.

  • on a related note, i went to the recently opened Lincoln’s Cottage on the grounds of the Old Soldier’s Home this weekend. i toured the modest, but nice, museum; watched a short film; and went on the tour. it was really interesting, and i am glad the Historic Trust opened it up to visitors. the grounds are spectacular, too…..

  • I bopped over to the Library of Congress blog and added a comment referring the blog’s author to this discussion. He actually had a blog post about this ad campaign earlier this month, so it seemed apropos. (See Maybe we’ll get some response. I’d at least be curious to know what they considered in deciding to do this.

  • About time the “founding fathers” are lowered from their God like status and put under the feet of the citizens. They, too, were mere mortals.

  • blicious Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 4:15 am
    DC-area natives unite against the name

  • Yeah, I agree with annonymous 11:51 – instead of retarded you should have said “incorrect due to a deficiency in cognitive reasoning”!

  • Quit being retarded.

  • DC-area natives unite against the name

  • I once heard Muhammad Ali tell the following joke: “What did Abraham Lincoln say after he awoke from a three day drunk?”

    Answer: “I freed the who?”

  • As presaged by CH20010, I left a comment about this on my own blog.

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