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So these plants are actually growing right out of the wall. Is that intentional? Won’t that destroy the wall? So who’s got the goods on what type of plants these are?

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  • they are flox david

  • Also known as creeping phlox, nice when they cascade over stone walls.

    You’d be surprised (or maybe not) by the ability of plants to grow in a speck of dirt including grass/weeds growing in sidewalk cracks and the violets I saw on my walk today coming out of a seemingly solid wall.

    I’m not sure I should admit this…. but just before my car went away to the place where cars go at the end I noticed it had sprouted a perennial sweet pea seedling.

  • is that don king’s dc residence?

  • Phlox ‘David’ is actually a much taller, upright variety that blooms later in the season. Sharon’s right, it’s creeping phlox. And my creeping phlox doesn’t grow in the mortar or spaces between the stones on my retaining wall. It cascades over so it doesn’t damage the wall.

  • I think these are creeping over the wall as well, but then later as an addition, the white stone was put just behind the roots to section off the garden behind it.

  • There’s a bona fide tree (maybe one of those weed trees?) growing right up through the asphalt in that little paved triangle area just south of the Metro. Bizarre.

  • i love creeping flox and how it cascades down the side of the stone walls a lot of people in the area have in front of their gardens/lawns. I planted some a few years back but only one plant actually “took”. When it blooms (like it is now) with all the little white flowers it is quite impressive!

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