In Homage to Poe?

IMG_8152, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Cause of the crow raven right? Or is that Beethoven?

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  • It ’twas a raven, not a crow PoP. That appears to be Beethoven.

    My guess is that he doesn’t notice the impending pecking he’s about to get from that crow because he’s hearing challenged.

    I’m really not sure why there is a rubber Aristotle Onassis mask on the windowsill though… crows, Beethovens, and Onassii… all a bit suspicious.

  • This is my house. The red light in the window next to the bust of Beethoven signifies a house full of musicians whoring ourselves out. The raven is a nod to Poe. The rubber man mask just got thrown in there.

  • PS. Our friend Tron keeps his Kiss Kasket coffin in our piano room for a place to sleep when he’s in town. We thought of putting that in the window, too, but Tron’s was a gift, and they are like $5000 from Kiss’s site.

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