I’m A Sucker

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So I actually followed this sign to “Historic” Waverly Place off U Street…and it’s just an alley! I mean there is nothing there except some buildings and an alley, a clean alley, but just an alley. And Paloma and Treto Way are exactly the same. I think the people who put up those signs must simply like f’ing with people. Am I missing something here?

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  • The signs are primarily designed to help people find Waverly Place and the others- imagine trying to find it if you’re given the address without the signs.

    It’s historic in the sense that interior block development was once common in DC & Baltimore (take a look at the Sanborn maps from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s). Normally, you’d see smaller homes, as well as some light commercial/industry, such as horse stables. A lot of these buildings have been lost over the years as blocks have redeveloped (as in SW/SE).

  • I like Ben Ali Way, which is, ironically, also an Ali. Alley, that is. Ahem.

  • The sign for Waverly Place made me nostalgic for New York…

  • Alley Dwellings were very common in DC. Most were demolished during the urban renewal era of the late 40s through the 60s. There are still a VERY few left, some on the Hill, some around Logan Circle. Waverly Place falls within the U St historic district.

  • there’s some in foggy bottom/west end too.

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