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  • I’ve been watching this one for a while now what with the popup, and it is hideous all around.

  • I agree on the hideousness of this house. The pop-up is atrocious, and I hate the windows. I prefer mine to open for both fresh air and fire safety reasons. (Or maybe these do and I just can’t tell).

  • It is a strnge day indeed when POP’s HOD is a pop-up.

  • Did the Golden Girls paint this?

  • I disagree. I think this is the best pop-up I’ve ever seen. I live across the street and watched the whole thing evolve and I have to be honest, I was scared s*itless when I saw the roof go up at first.

    But in the end it’s a fine looking renovation and the house was about to fall down (I saw it when it was on the market). I’m the first one to call out a bad renovation, but this house simply is not an eyesore. Far worse things have been done.

    And yes, of course the windows open. They are called casements.

    I blogged about this house in January (with pictures).

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