Has This Been A Problem in the Past?

IMG_7747, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Props to the eagle eyes on our intern in Columbia Heights, Karen, for spotting this sign outside the Giant in the Tivoli. I’m pretty sure you can bring propane in the six feet under Safeway…

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  • Propane is God’s gas – why would they deny?

  • During the summer I bet they sell propane tanks for grills. I once brought one in for a refill to Lowes and they told me it wasn’t allowed in the building; probably lowers their insurance and provides a safer working environment.

  • Actually, I remember from before seeing signs outside that said “We don’t sell propane.” I guess this is just the next step to make that abundantly clear?

  • I actually saw that sign on Sunday in Giant (and wondered what Hank Hill would have to say about that, tsk tsk). But I agree has to be a safety issue.

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