Harris Teeter Opens in Adams Morgan

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I haven’t heard this much (cyber)excitement since the Target opening. Thanks to a reader for alerting me this morning to the opening. DCist covered the opening as did the City Paper. The store is located at 17th and Kalorama Rd, NW. So I’m embarassed to say I’m not too familiar with Harris Teeter. Is it better than a Target opening? Or as far as groceries stores are concerned is it better than a Giant?

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  • A Harris Teeter opening is not equivalent to a Target opening, but I am quite pleased about it nonetheless. Harris Teeter has good food – better quality meats and produce than Giant, yes, and some damn fine bakery products and a better beer selection that Safeway or Giant in the city is going to have any day. Nice flowers, too.

  • Harris Teeter is definitely better than Giant. Way better prepared foods, deli, etc.. I’d put it up there with Whole Foods. Sure Whole Foods still does some things better. But Harris Teeter manages to be excellent without the Whole Foods nuisance factor of not carrying certain unhealthy or big brand name items.

  • Harris Teeter is the ultimate in yuppiehipstersociallconsciousoverpricedorganic shopping! Giant is just for us plebs.

  • OMG, I can’t wait and I’ve never been to a HT. Yet I know the lines are going to be like trader Joe’s in West End anytime of the day. But still.

  • Love Harris Teeter, they carry Dukes Mayonnaise

  • HT opening is better than Target in my opinion. Target, for me, is a once in a while place while I need to eat every day. I hate paying the high prices at Whole Food and I don’t like that the local Giant and Safeway have terrible selection especially in the meats and I don’t feel I can trust their fish. HT is a mid point between Whole Foods and Giant meaning you can get the higher end stuff if you like but still get the “basics.” We were there on opening day right after work and it was not crowded, but I’m sure that will change now that word is getting out.

  • “yuppiehipstersociallconsciousoverpricedorganic”

    Yeah, don’t strain yourself there, scenester. HT is great, because its better than giant or safeway and not actually more expensive for produce and staples (get the bonus card, natch). Sure, they stock higher end stuff as well, but i don’t think you actually are forced to buy any of it. But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m just a YHSCPOPO. Stay away, keep the lines down, and keep spending that same dollar for rotten lettuce at the giant and feeling like one of “the people.”

  • I visited yesterday, my first HT, and would have to agree with Tim at the 42 Bus (http://the42bus.blogspot.com/2008/04/harris-teeter-is-grocer.html): Harris Teater is a grocer. In the same way that Target’s food selection adds good competition for Giant in some areas, this does the same for Safeway. Despite the enormous hype – it is, sadly, not the most amazing/magical grocery store ever. A quality addition to the neighborhood to be sure though. Can’t complain about that.

  • LOVE Harris Teeter, better quality than giant or safeway, cheaper and better selection than whole foods… I want one in our ‘hood!

  • Yes, I agree with everything DCRat said. I still haven’t been to the new Target, because I haven’t had a need to buy anything there, but I went to the HT as soon as I got home from work yesterday. I was surprised by how few customers were in there, but maybe the crowds will pick up once more people get wind of the opening.

    (Also, the fact that it’s a 3-minute walk from my apartment is reason enough for me to be excited.)

  • HT is huge in NC, but I was always a food lion kind of girl.

  • HT is the best grocery store out there, Giant is too expensive, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have everything you need, Safeway is an oversized 7-11, and Whole Foods is just too expensive

    I would sum up HT as a hybrid of Giant and Whole Foods, but much cheaper

  • The Harris Teeters I have been to have been managed very well. Clean and orderly, nice meats and fresh veggies. In coincidence they are not union?

  • Opps I meant “Any Coincidence…?”

  • I loved shopping at Harris Teeter when I lived in NC. Food Lion always made me think of pimento cheese and wonder bread and those bright pink hot dogs. It’s cheap, sure, but a little depressing. HT is great because it fills a gap between Safeway and Giant and Whole Foods. You can shop there for quite reasonable prices and if you want to splurge on gourmet items, they actually carry them.

  • man. i learned how to roller skate in this building. it was the old kalorama roller rink.

  • Rueben, don’t be upset. This is a good thing. You can roller skate AND pick up some groceries all in the same place now!

  • oh. i wasnt upset-just remembering.

  • I remember it, not as far back as Reuben does, but when it was a concert venue.

    Most memorably, I saw Tin Machine there in 1991. 15 feet from David Bowie – my lord, what a night.

  • I love the idea of a cross between Whole Foods, which is organic and mildly gourmet but expensive and Giant, which just sells things you need, like TP, saran Wrap and bleach without making a political statement about it. Can’t wait to try it out, but will still probably need to go to all of the above-mentioned stores too.

  • While HT has nice stores and this one and the other new ones in the city are very convenient don’t forget they aren’t the greatest neighbors.

    HT is a notorious union buster and CNN and Headline news just ran a story on how they are getting all their shrimp from sweatshops on the sea.

    They also displace homegrown groceries.

    I’ll be doing my shopping at Giant and Safeway, they’re better neighbors.

  • Giant – home grown? It’s owned by a Dutch company and its union employees are usless. Safeway’s employees are pretty much the same as well.

  • saf — OMG, I was there too! wow!

  • Giant was born and raised right here in the D.C/Maryland area. It was only recently bought out by Ahold. And as someone who has worked closely with Giant employees for quite some time now, they certainly are not useless. They are just people from the area trying to get by. Same with Safeway. But it’s a free country, shop where you want, just know that every action has an effect on your community.

  • I’m all for supporting local growers. Farmer’s markets are fine with me. Not that you need my approval, just answering the question posed.

    I think either a union grocery store or a farmer’s market is a better option than a Harris Teeter or a Wholefoods.

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