Georgia and Taylor Development Watch

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I think it’s about time I started showing this building some love. After all this is where the Yes! Organic Market will eventually call home.

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  • Hi PoP,

    I think there are at least 2-3 more stories on that building at the time of this writing. They are moving!

    I also was curious if you knew about the shooting Sunday night because I hadn’t seen it show up in the blog and it was a block from the new construction. Around 10 pm-ish, we heard somewhere between 5-7 gunshots right in a row (we live on the first eastern side block on NH at the corner of GA and NH). A bullet went through my neighbor’s window, and a man was shot in the foot around Quincy and NH. I have to say it was pretty unnerving to hear the shots fired.

    On a positive note, several police cars responded very quickly and at least 2-3 were on foot knocking on doors for info. On a negative note, they still never stop in the alley between Quincy and Rock Creek Church Road that dead-ends on 8th. The dealing activity has really picked back up again in recent weeks, but the police never seem to spend much time there.

    Did anyone else hear about this or know any new information?

  • there were also shots on Taylor St and 3 bullets hit a house in the middle of the 700 block. No one was hurt, but it’s pretty unnerving.

  • I heard 3 gunshots at 2:22 AM Saturday night / Sunday morning. They came from pretty far away, but sounded like somewhere around Georgia Ave between the metro and Kansas.

    anyway, I’m excited for the Yes! I currently do most of my grocery shopping at the Yes in Brookland and look forward to a shorter drive.

  • The shots Markus heard were the ones SM is talking about. 700 block of Taylor. Nobody was hurt, but one shot went all the way through a house, which is not good at all.

    Excited by Yes!, not so excited by all the gunfire around here recently.

  • I was approaching the Metro from Rock Creek Church Road at about 9:45pm Sunday when the 5-7 shots went off. Couple of folks ran the opposite way down GA Ave, and there were a bunch of people milling about outside of the market next to Sweet Mango afterwards. People seemed startled, that’s for sure.

    Police have been very forward about one man shot in the ankle, but said he is not providing much helpful information.

    Does our PSA 302 have a community crime meeting or anything? I’d been looking for something after the murders of the past couple of months just off Georgia.

  • Nice update, PoP. In light of the shootings in the area, can anyone confirm the demographics this building is aiming to attract? At various times I’ve heard: market-rate apartments, workforce housing, and subsidized housing. (I can’t imagine a few dozen new heavily subsidized units will promote a culture that drives this gun violence out of the neighborhood).

  • This is the website for the project

    It says it will have “72 affordable units.” I think that means there is an upper income limit, but this is not subsidized housing or public housing. As in, these will be for working people w/ moderate incomes. I am not sure if it’s been published what those limits will be, but probably in the $30K to $60K for a single person range, more for couples or families. I don’t think you have to worry about too much sketchiness.

  • Thanks, SM. Looks like it’ll be a nice addition to the corner (given the square footage, it’ll probably attract professionals with somewhat low incomes, rather than unemployed troublemakers and hangers-on).

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