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IMG_7975, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one was recommended by a reader and you can easily see why they recommended it. The stone wall is awesome and the garden reminds me of my summers in Laos.

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  • PoP, I’m surprised you didn’t point out the hot pink phlox I thought that was your new favorite plant – can there be a garden of the day without it? I love this garden because of the combo of purple-leaved plants with yellow green ones, plus dark pink flowers. Really nice.

  • Very nice choice, PoP.

    See the white decorative blocks under the front porch? One might describe them as concentric squares. Does anyone know where to get more of these? I’ve looked at every Home Depot and Lowe’s in the area, but none carry this particular style of block. Our front porch has ’em, but obviously, when they were installed, the workmen didn’t have enough, so we have regular block mixed in. We’d like to get them all to match, but we can’t find more of the block in question. Anyone know who stocks them?

  • absolutely beautiful

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