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I was able to get lots of information from the owners of this garden. This is how they did it:

“To build the wall, we had to fill and level the yard, which required multiple trips to Home Depot for bags of topsoil and clay breaker, and many hours (and a few fights) digging and mixing. We ordered the stone (1.1 tons of it!!) for the stacked stone wall from a place out in Maryland and built the wall ourselves in a few hours, with the help of my handy father-in law. We laid the sod ourselves and planted all the flowers ourselves. There was some trial and error, and I ended up ripping out everything that was in the lower level last fall after planting way too many coreopsis that took over. And I should add that neither of us had ever done any gardening, ever, so there was a lot of winging it and guessing involved. We did it all for under $1500, probably, even including all the stuff that got ripped out and replaced.

This year, everything is really filling in and looking great. The vines – Carolina jessamine, several types of clematis, and two kinds of honeysuckle. The jessamine is blooming now, although the rain may’ve done it in, and the front of our trellis is all bright yellow flowers. I redid the lower level on Saturday with some phlox and some more day lilies. We’ll have to make another trip to Behnke’s because we underestimated.”

Check out another angle after the jump. And of course if you have gardens that you’re proud of shoot me an email.


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  • Awe-sum

  • Great job. I’m in envy.

  • I love the wall & flowers in front. Any chance we could get a shot of the vines?

  • Which stone place in Maryland did you use?

  • Thanks, PoP! 🙂

    These are actually last year’s photos and we’ve done some more work since then so it looks a bit different now. I’ll try to take some shots of the vines and post the link up here. No real before photos, but it was fairly hideous – a few dying/dead marigolds and azaleas and a mostly-dirt yard with a thin cover of nasty red mulch.

    I’m pretty sure we used Irwin Stone in Rockville. They had several choices of stackable stone and deliver, for an additional fee. You pretty much have to buy a ton of stone, though, give or take a bit, but we used all but a dozen or so of the pieces.

  • So is the ground higher up meaning there are fewer porch steps and more steps down somewhere else along the way?

  • Wow, check out the house with the front porch “cage” look to it. You can see it in the first picture and it is about 2 houses down…Crazy…but maybe a nice way to sit outside with your dogs? Or keep out solicitors?

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