Future Garden of the Day

IMG_8153, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These guys were doing some serious planting. The funny thing from this encounter was when I told the guy not pictured that I was going to post this on the Prince of Petworth, he goes “oh yeah, my ex-girlfriend used to wear a PoP t-shirt around all the time.” Hilarious.

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  • I walk past this garden every single morning and today thought to myself, hmm, this would be good as baby garden of the day. Voila! Here is is!! Awesome!

  • now if they can just keep neighborhood kids from ruining it after it’s planted. in less than a week after completely planting my formerly bare front yard, i’ve twice had to go out and ask kids to stop running through my shrubs and wrestling in my flowerbed, and another neighbor photographed the same kids climbing my back fence (6 ft.) and jumping into my vegetable garden. now i understand the brick wall topped with broken glass i’ve seen traveling in the third world.

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