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Or another reason to hire movers. It had to hit a BMW didn’t it? Wait, I thought those trucks were supposed to make wide turns…

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  • When I first moved to the area in 1991, I drove a huge moving truck w/manual transmission down from NY in a snowstorm. Our friends didn’t show up to help us, and by the time I got the truck unpacked, I was so exhausted, I hit a BMW as well. Your photo brings back all the craptastic memories…

  • that would be a called a “DC kiss” and it sucks to be the one kissed.

  • I hope that guy bought the Penske insurance policy!

  • oh man!

    This situation totally happened to me too when I was moving. I got in a minor minor fender bender while renting a U Haul truck. The other car was barely dinged, but I was sure glad that I got the U Haul insurance policy! I learned my lesson, and the next time I moved, I hired movers.

  • Yes, same for me – from then on, I hired movers! Let someone else worry about driving and parking the truck.

  • Yea, the first time I hired movers I remember thinking that it was the best money I ever spent, and each time I do it, I feel the same way. I haven’t gone back to moving myself since. Just be sure to check references!

  • Don’t forget to tip the movers!

  • Speaking of tipping movers…I am moving into Petworth (from Columbia Heights) this weekend. What is the unwritten rule on tipping movers who are unaffiliated with a company (read: found the guy on craigslist)?

  • Ah-ha!!!! I’m only laughing because it’s a BMW.

  • why are you only laughing because it’s a BMW?

  • If they moved your furniture and did it properly, then they should be tipped the same as a “regular” mover, i.e. an employee of Mayflower, Atlas, United, etc.
    Now, as to what the actual dollar amount is, that’s up in the air. I worked for Mayflower for two summers, driving up and down the East coast moving peoples furniture and I can tell you that the most popular tip to give is nothing at all. Close behind is $20 a head. The biggest tip I ever got was $75 and that was for a three day move. I once got a $3 tip from a family that was moving from their house on the golf course to a newer, bigger house on a mountain top (clearly money was an issue for them).
    Just remember, don’t make the tip less than a six pack of beer. This will piss of burly men who will pick up and put down ALL of your earthly possessions.

  • The last time I drove a moving truck I let the passenger side mirror become acquianted with a power pole at about 15 mph. The power pole won. I returned the truck to the place I rented it in the middle of the night and never got charged for the damage.

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