Fire Dep’t Out in Full Force to Support Jerry’s Kids

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I saw them this weekend outside the Target and this morning outside the metro. I think it’s great that they are raising money for this cause. I’m sure they are on their day off but is it a little weird to have city workers raising money for a private charity? Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for raising money for a good cause but I’ve never seen this before.

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  • You’ve never gotten a call from the FOP? Never seen police canvas for the widows and orphans fund?

  • This is the same as when some companies give their employees paid time off for volunteer/community service activities.

  • I’ve seen this in the burbs at busy intersections with long traffic lights. The firemen ask you to “fill the boot” with cash and walk up and down the lanes of stopped cars. Again, good idea, but I often wonder if the firemen don’t end up risking fender benders (or getting hit themselves) by distracting the drivers from driving.

  • I’ve seen it plenty of times. It’s always struck me as quite well intentioned but wrong-headed. The uniformed Government employees should not act as agents of a private charity: it’s an abuse of office.

    If the firefighters want to solicit on their day off, without wearing their Government uniforms, and without deploying their firetruck, and without implying Government endorsement, then it’s all good.

    And don’t get me started about the Police-related “charities” and their completely unethical scams: “give us money, and we’ll give you a bumper sticker that might get you out of a traffic ticket.”

  • Jerry’s kids will forever remind me of JV basketball when, after an intra-squad scrimmage our coach told us, “I haven’t seen a worse game since the Blind School played Jerry’s Kids.”

  • I don’t think that hook-and-ladder truck gets a day off.

  • Government employees should not be fundraising in uniform. If you think that they aren’t using at least some of their work hours to contribute to this, you are naïve.

  • I didn’t realize Lewis was that fertile.

  • Not only were they on duty, but the engine and the truck were placed out of service so they would not be dispatched on a 911 emergency call.

  • It is funny how little the public knows how thier fire departments work. In the DC, Va Md area the fire departments are 24 hour 7 day a week staffed with career firefighters. They work a 24 hour rotating shift. The rotation is differnt from jurisdiction to jurisdiciton. So the apparatus never gets a day off but the firefighters do. MDA and the fire service have been raising money hand in hand for decades. They do fill the boot drive, MDA softball tournament. This is a tournment that firefighters from all over the country play elmination style tournments in Maryland. The firefighter teams pay a fee and vendors attend and donate all proceeds to MDA. Fill the boot is pan handling and pan handling is against the law unless there is a issued permit. Firefighters do fill the boot on duty because most people will donate money to a firefighter in uniform for MDA opposed to one that is not. Is it a abuse of power, of course but its for a good cause. Now apparatus should never be placed out of service for this. Running 911 emergency calls is job #1 and that should never be compromised. Especially during a time that DCFD has so many bad examples of prompt service. They should not add to the delay in service.

  • We were ORDERED out of service to collect money (I do not work at the station pictured.) There was a memo from the “Fire” chief put out stating what companies would be out off service to collect money, and at which metro stations they would be collecting. No one one riding a fire engine or fire truck was happy about this. We come to work to WORK. Volunteer firefighters have always done fill the boot, and while a lot of us volunteer elsewhere, we were being paid by your (and my) tax dollars to do this. There are no volunteers in DC, as it should be. Why weren’t the ambulances staffed by firemen ordered out of service to do this too? In years past, money was collected by asking DC FIREMEN to hand a guy in their firehouse money from their wallet for the MDA fundraiser. The new “Fire” chief is a worthless camera hog.

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