Family Foods Market Removes Bullet Proof Glass!

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It is amazing how much better these bodegas look without the bullet proof glass. Pictured here is Bisrat Mekuria, owner of the Family Foods Market, located on New Hampshire Ave., right across the street from the Petworth metro. I give him mad props for having the courage to take down the bullet proof glass. I’m totally stoked. It feels so much more human. I wish him much safety and success.

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  • As Snake would say on the Simpsons, “time for a crime spree!” Seriously, that’s a good news. Now if they’d take the white metal grates off the windows of the schools…

  • it will suck when the inevitable happens….

  • Mr. Mekuria,

    Kudos and much appreciation for taking this step.

  • Hooray for gentrification! Now, if only the Chinese carry-outs would follow suit…

    …and thanks to GuinnessPhish for putting the negative vibe out there.

  • Looks much nicer! Perhaps I’ll stop in for a six more often on the way home from work. I think they have Yuengling at least.

  • If feeling empowered to remove bulletproof glass qualifies as ‘gentrification’ then bubba, sign me up!

  • Of course some of these changes do have to do with the positive impacts of gentrification (and yes, there are many negative impacts of it too).

  • brother guinness reminds me of so many of my virgina-based colleagues. they lament dc’s ills ( and deride us to no end) whenever they can, but come the weekend, guess where one can find them-either crowding the city streets-or, in this case,
    virtually commuting?

  • what exactly is the inevitable? that this store gets shot up, we all piss our pants in fear, then move out to virginia where we continue to post (negativity) all over a community blog that has nothing to do with us anymore?

  • cristobal, after we move to va, should our negative posts have more of a jealous tinge to it, or a holier than though, you poor s.o.b.s kinda feel?

  • While I am glad to see this, it is only a matter of time before someone robs this store. At that point, we can only hope they don’t kill him. This was a bold, bold step. It is a good sign for the community though. I hear the store at Randolph and GA is in the process of totally renovating his store as soon as he gets the proper permits.

  • beautifully stated, cristobal!

  • Is the store at Randolph & Georgia the 7 Rounds/Davis store? I forget the name exactly. Whatever we can do to help these stores renovate and carry a better selection of merchandise would greatly improve the neighborhood. Another market whose owners are very nice but is not meeting its potential is the Town & Country store on Upshur next to Domku.

  • Someone should open a convenience store that doesn’t accept cash, then there would be no reason to hold it up. Obvious downsides I know (b/c a lot of people don’t have debit/credit cards and cash is money after all) but there are pretty obvious benefits.

    Or maybe even better, a store accepts cash but you have to feed your payment into the machine (like when you buy a metro card) so the cashier doesn’t touch (and can’t access) the cash.

  • I don’t think it’s “only a matter of time” before this store is robbed. It’s possible, maybe even probable, but not inevitable. If every storeowner were to believe that, we’d all have to go through metal detectors and security checks just to get inside. Let’s applaud him for not giving in to fear, which I fear (pun intended) is becoming epidemic in this country.

    And if it so happens that he does get robbed, we should all rally around him and make it clear to the criminals that we ain’t havin’ it.

  • I hate to generalize about nationalities or ethnicities, but Ethiopians tend to be gentle and friendly group. His smile is so nice, that it was all I saw. And yeah, the counter looks great.

  • I just want to give that man a hug.

  • I just went there last night and was SO impressed. The whole store looks better. Congrats! Oh, and those folks that work there are super nice. They always protect me if I get harassed…which unfortunately happens from time to time.

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