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Love the lemon. You have to love the lemon. And I proudly do. El Limeno is located on the 200 block of Upshur right across from the Hitching Post and near the Old Soldier’s Home main gate. Now, I’ve written about El Limeno in the past. Particularly noting it’s delicious three taco meal of beef, shrimp and chicken for $10. You can not beat that. Additionally, the owners are super nice and the entire staff is among the most attentive I have ever encountered. So why is it always empty? It breaks my heart to see such good people and good food and good music and good decorations…go unappreciated. This is a gift that is being taken for granted. It doesn’t look like much from the outside and I guess it’s a bit of a walk from the metro but if you live anywhere in a two mile radius you must visit! You will not be disappointed. You’ve got to try it and you too will love the lemon.

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  • The “El Limeno Fajitas” are amazing. Carryout is fast, too. Some friends and I walked in and ordered 6 entrees and a few appetizers last Friday then walked out with the food in 10 minutes.

  • I’m glad more and more restaurants are seeing the importance of making fast and well-packed carry out orders. As for El Lime

  • I share the enthusiasm for the food and friendliness of El Lime

  • I’m with Geezer. I love the place too for its food and friendliness. But PoP, maybe it’s time to bust on them a little again for their lack of a permanent sign (your pet peeve, after all). Last time I went by (to go to the Hitching Post across the street, actually), the temporary sign was sort of folded over so you couldn’t read much of what was on it. Not only is El Lime

  • Are there many vegetarian options?

  • it is very good food and good margaritas. a little curb appeal would probably do the trick.

  • it’s definetly off the beaten path and is not easy to get to if you don’t have a car or live in the immediate vicinity. the rent may be cheaper, but i would imagine that they suffer quite a bit due to their location.

  • We really like it, and like to support it, but just don’t find ourselves eating out too often. We’ll do pickup occasionally, and it’s always fast.

  • I love El Limeno. We’ve recently been ordering a decent amount of carry-out from them.

    The food is great, and the staff is very nice. They deserve much more business than they are getting.

  • From the menu I found at Yelp, it appears that only one dish is vegetarian, sadly. From the reviews I was considering trying it.

  • My crown prince doesn’t like Mexican food so we haven’t been. I’ll work on him tho as we do try to support the local spots, tho we haven’t been to Looking Glass yet and will prolly never go to Domku again — no knock on it, but the crown prince didn’t care for Domku’s menu either.

  • Hm I’ll have to check this place out. Thanks for re-writing about it.

  • do the folks from the armed forces home ever wander out the gate to this place or the hitching post?

    Seems that they might like to go for some non-institutional food once in a while.

  • Princess – we tried the new menu at Looking Glass the other day. Nice space, actually, much improved (except for the loss of the pool table), but the service was bad (friendly, but incompetent), and the food was not good. Not bad food, just not good food.

    Matt – years and years ago, I tended bar in Mt Pleasant. We had a fair number of regulars who lived at the Old Soldiers’ Home. Out the door and onto the H8 bus, and there they were!

  • This CH’er went looking for the Lemon a while ago (based on discussion here and on Petworth News). I did find it, although it wasn’t easy (I didn’t have the address with me and wasn’t familiar with Upshur), and it was not particularly inviting from the outside. Once inside, however, I was surprised by how nice it was and then by how amazing the fajitas were! I was the only person in there at the time and hoped it would be able to stay open.

    Nice to know I can get carryout. I’ve told many others I’ve found the best fajitas I’ve had in years.

  • everytime i’ve been there its been pretty empty. but no matter food is always tasty and quick. service is good too. hate to see them so slow. hopefully busines will find them and they’ll stay around for a long time. i may have to go soon to get a meal.

  • people don’t like domku?!?!?

    strange. its my favorite restaurant in the city. try the spicy grilled cheese.

  • Thanks for the reminder! We love El Limeno, but have been trying to not eat out so much. But I do want to support them and will be returning soon.

    As for veggie options, it’s true there isn’t much on the menu, but when we asked about it the owner was super nice in offering work with us to make some off-menu vegetarian options.

  • Hey, that’s how El Lime

  • El Limino is not off the beaten path for me and the wifey poo….its just up the street! The owners are about the nicest people you can meet. They mix a mean margharita as well!

  • We try to eat at El Limeno at least once every couple weeks. Tasty food, super friendly owner and servers, and the make some strong ass drinks!!!

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