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IMG_7674, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I never realized but this one has a mail slot by the floor as well. I see there is a newer mailbox to the left but why do you think originally they put the mail slots so far down on the door?

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  • probably so people couldn’t reach in an unlock the doors?

  • so that the dog inside still had a reasonable chance to bite the mailman.

  • I think it is because there is no other place on that door where the slot wouldn’t break up the nice vertical pattern of the wood. I am debating whether to go with a foot-level slot myself on my new door for the very same reason.

  • I am always driving around the neighborhood and I never see these kinds of nice wood doors featured on the Door of the Day. Heck, all I see are doors with icky black gates in front of them, or steel painted white doors, like our own Home Depot special. Where are all these classy wood doors? They sure aren’t near us and we’re in the heart of Petworth. I bet they’re in Shaw or south of Dupont. An I like ém, needless to say.

  • I love my wood door- it’s new and cost way too much. Luckily, I was too young to realize it. But it has an icky gate in front of it. I like this one because it has a moorish quality about it.

  • oh- and i live in col heights

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