Do You Dig The Stones?

IMG_7784, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

When was the style popular? I’m getting a 70s vibe.

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  • Formstone. Not 70s, and very Baltimore.

  • are you certain its formstone? seems unusual for formstone in that its very irregular and no discernible repeats in the pattern.
    i’ve only seen rectilinear formstone.

  • i like it.

  • Formstone was actually the brand name of stone veneer (1930s and 1940s); there were other manufacturers who made the similar things around that time. Some preservationists seek to protect such installations, but it’s a bit unfortunate when it disrupts the historic character of a block of brick row houses (like here).

  • Not formstone – I think it’s just thin stone. Definitely applied like a veneer over the original brick. I’m not crazy about it, I like brick. But it’s better than vinyl siding which apparently was a craze in Petworth….

  • well, right here in 2008 everyone is all about the glass tiles in their bathrooms. it feels so “now” and we all love it. Turn the clock ahead 15 years, though, and it may lose some of the thrill

  • Fieldstone veneer. Never popular on rowhouses because the two are fundamentally incompatible. Fieldstone is informal and rowhouses are formal. This stuff is all the craze on suburban mcmansions, but it actually makes sense in that context since the whole point of mcmansions is to look like countryside manor houses.

    Gives off a 70s vibe because the 70s was the height of trying to stick informal veneer on formal surfaces. Quintessential example: The ridiculous fake wood wallpaper inside Metrobuses.

  • I’ve seen fieldstone in many baltimore and philadelphia rowhouses…

    I’m not entirely sure about formal vs informal architecture.

    our rowhouses are Federalist style and that probably translates to a formal style, but it’s hard to guess if literally the 1950s ranch house is considered “informal” or what architectural style post war could be considered formal at all?

    The stone facing predates mcmansions by 40 years, so I’m a bit confused…

  • Didn’t say stone veneer was *invented* for mcmansions, only that it’s currently popular on them.

    And formstone is common in Baltimore and Philadelphia, but it’s different than fieldstone. I’m sure there are some fieldstone rowhouses, but can’t think of any specifically. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t think they were ever *common*.

  • YUCK! Is that a house or a garden path? I feel like I want to trod upon it.

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