Development News for Petworth and U Street

From press releases:

“Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Councilmember Muriel Bowser are scheduled
to hold a press conference tomorrow morning (Friday, April 25) at
10:30 am to announce the Request-For-Proposal for four properties on
the 3800 block of Georgia Avenue NW.”

Sweet, four properties to be developed on the 3800 block of Georgia Ave., alright, alright…

And from U Street:

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  • Just what U st. needs, big box retailers. Oooohhhhh, maybe some more overpriced condos instead?!!!! Seriously, that is last crap D.C. needs. How about some affordable housing or space for local independent retailers?

  • Office Space, period. It generates far more tax revenue and helps local businesses (i.e. restaurants, dry cleaners, drug stores). The Mayor also indicated he favored office space. Perhaps a building geared for smaller businesses and non-profits. Actually, I don’t really care what gets built, as long as it generates tax revenue. Condos, apartments, whatever, just build something. I’m also happy that the city is moving forward on developing the Florida and Sherman parcel!

  • Word on the street is boutique hotel or office space.

  • Borders is trying to sell to Barnes and Noble. So let that dream go. But, what about lower Georgia Ave? Are there any plans for that area or is the plan to just ignore those blocks and develop everything north of New Hampshire Ave?

  • Please don’t build subsidized housing!!! Like the city needs more people that don’t work.

  • I agree with you INMHIIYNTYAH. There is plenty of affordable housing already. All of SE (Ward 8) is affordable. Houses over there are less than half the prices of NW. The only subsidized housing needed is for people that are working.

  • I heard on NPR this morning that the parking lots behind the Lincoln theater will be developed as offices, as the residential condo market is overbuilt. This is good since it will mean a lot of lunch business for local restaurants and retail. I’m fine with it.

  • INMHIIYNTYAH: really??

    There are plenty of people who live in subsidized housing who are holding down multiple jobs and still don’t earn enough to earn market rate units. The minimum wage in DC is $7/hour, which doesn’t get you very far.

    Incidentally, some would argue that the mortgage interest deduction is the largest subsidy of them all…

  • INMHIIYwhatever & Nate…those are ignorant statements. Why don’t you try examining your privilege before you make statements like that?

  • Anonymous, and where did the statements talk about big box retail (not that I have anything against it _necessarily_ – it is just fantastic to have Target etc. in CH now)? DC has too little retail for a city of its size – retail needs to be developed to keep more of the dollars in the city to develop its services. Offices are needed too. So are condos. So are rentals. So are subsidized units. Its not a zero sum either/or game.

    Anyway, which block is the 3800 Petworth again (I guess I need to map it)?

  • G – it’s between Quincy and Randolph. On Georgia that’s the block across from the Safeway.

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