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I stopped by DEKKA located at 1338 U Street on the second floor this past Saturday. The place was smashed so I, unfortunately, didn’t get to speak with the owner but from their Web site they describe themselves as “a store in the heart of U” featuring fashion, art, and music from primarily local talent. It is the first and only such Co-Op in DC.” Pretty cool. Unfortunately the place was so crowded I was unable to get a good look at the offerings. However the place was also filled with beautiful models, so that was nice. I’ll go back when it is less crowded to do a proper profile. In the meantime check out some photos of art, the crowd and some more beautiful models after the jump.  Although now that I think about it there  seems to be something forced , you know not genuine, about paying models to attend your opening.  What are your thoughts on models who are paid to attend  grand openings?






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  • More pix of the blonde out front, plz k thx.

  • Paying for “models?” They are also known as escorts. When I lived at the Gangplank Marina, some men there used to hire them regularly and it was creepy seeing them. Think of the “models” on all those postcards advertising strip clubs that end up on our sidewalks and cars.

  • Ummm, kinda hooker-ish looking. Except for the one with cool cap.

  • Do you expect models to show up for free?

  • I agree. Were they selling these women or the art?

  • It seems terribly out of place- you said it well: “forced”- in a town like DC. And12:10 Anon- that girl looks like she’s approximately 12 1/2 years old.

  • It is likely that they are being paid to model – as in model the clothes that are sold at the store – that’s what models do. It is called marketing and despite a general feeling among the crowd that frequents this web site it is an acceptable norm in US culture.

  • i need the phone number of the brunette out front, as soon as possible.

    much appreciated!

  • The models were most likely paid to walk around wearing some of the clothing that was for sale. It is often how clothing is displayed in the fashion world…Victoria Secret Models, Runway Models, Fashion Magazine Models, Boutique Openings…Just think of them as breathing hangers.

  • It’s fine with me. Models wear the clothing that the store is supposed to be selling. My friend did that for Bebe.

  • The blonde’s not one of the models, is she? Unlike the others, she just looks like a regular girl off the street. But the other one in the picture (who I’m assuming is a model), is really cute!

  • they’re maybe a little trashy looking. :/

  • what is up with their gaudy and HUGE pixelated website?

  • i wish that the store had used the two BEAUTIFUL ladies in the third pic rather than the tweens they had posted out front… those women are banging, yet they look so nice and approachable. im sure the girls out front are nice too, but they do look a little… young.. and less styled…

  • A model needs to earning a living too. Diet coke, cigarettes, and other unnamed misc. items aren’t free!

  • Ahhh, what’s with all the model hating? Unless they were giving blow jobs in the dressing rooms, I don’t really see the connection to escort services.

    That said, they are likely just attractive women hired by the store for the opening, perhaps friends of the owners or designers. I doubt they come from some sort of professional modeling company. Hey, marketing marketing marketing. What’s wrong with that?

  • The models out front are definitely college-aged. When I went to grad school all these kids used to be around campus and I realized from hearing them in line at the food court that they were 19 and 20 years old. But they LOOKED like they were 15, sure, because I was 35. But they were 20. this obsession about the ages of those two women is unpleasant.

  • ugh, come on… the girls look too young to be posted at the front of a store as advertising, and i think its cool that the majority of replys on here are worried about that…sure they might both be in their 30s, and are just aging gracefully, but the people who are saying ‘leave them alone’ would probably be the first ones to call foul if an older looking man had been hugging up on them in the pictures… are they 17 or 27? who knows, and who cares.. the bottom line is that a store geared towards (im assuming) the proffesional yet trendy adult genre probably shouldnt be using models who look like they could have come straight to the gig after 4th period science class.

  • 1. It is commonplace (at least in cities other than DC) for models to attend the grand openings and/or events taking place at a store that sells clothing and cosmetics. It is one of the ways to show off the clothing and make-up line that is being sold at the store, especially when it is too crowded to shop. If it looks forced or styled, it was. That was the point…it was our GRAND OPENING!

    2. Modeling, like gymnastics or ice skating, is a PROFESSION that has a limited life. The young ladies and women that model for DEKKA are frequently signed professionals or are people affiliated with the designers in some way who are building their portfolios. They work with us in a safe environment and those who are younger than 18 have the consent of and are frequently accompanied their parents. For you pervs out there who are clearly ignorant of fashion norms and aren’t even looking at the clothes the models are wearing, the models are not for sale nor are they advertising their bodies. Shame on you DC!

  • I used to model for store events and fashion shows, starting in high school, and my mother was almost always there; the times she wasn’t able to be, she made sure there was going to be an escort for me and the other girls. We usually had a good time, and I don’t remember anything particularly creepy happening, so I guess the escort we had did her job pretty well. Good way to make some college money, too.

    The only one who everyone should be worried about is the girl in the crocheted-looking jumpsuit on the right of the third picture. That outfit’s a little revealing, even for clubwear. However, she looks like she’s old enough to handle it.

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