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A reader writes: “With the warmer months upon us, I wondering if there were any choice spots in the neighborhood to lay out, bask in the sun and read a good book?”

If you don’t own a hammock (see below), I’d first recommend Grant Circle if you don’t mind the traffic noise. But another neat feature of Petworth is that there are a number of triangle parks. I like this one at the intersection of Rock Creek Church and 5th which overlooks the Old Soldier’s Home. So what do you guys recommend for a good place to lay out in Petworth and/or nearby neighborhoods?

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  • I say layout in the grassy nules of the Old Soldiers Home, in the beautiful green fields…oh wait, you can’t. Its been closed to the public since the 1960’s.

  • Ft Totten Park. Quiet, and little visited.

  • that overlook near the old soldiers home is where most of the neighborhood dogs (including mine and my roommates) take a shit… i def wouldn’t wanna lay my head on that grass.

  • I would be careful where you lay. A lot of dogs pee and poop in those parks and a lot of owners don’t pick up their dogs “presents”.

  • eww, even if they do pick up the “presents” there is still residue! No thanks! lol.

  • who cares, its just dog shit. i would be much more worried about broken bottles and needles… and even then, a quck scan of the area and a blanket on the ground would fix any problem i think…

  • One thing my teenage daughter and I like to do is open up the hatch to the roof and climb up on it on a hot day. At first I was scared to do it, but it’s one of her favorite places. Not to actually lay out, but Sherman Circle is sometimes overlooked by Grant Circle. I prefer jogging there, as the sidewalk inside the circle isn’t so close to the roads. We are blessed in Petworth by beautiful circles that are like mini parks.

  • I have to agree with the dog poop at this ‘park’ in the picture. Trust me, you barely want to WALK in there. Which also makes me wonder why so many people refuse to pick up their dog’s poop?? It’s really frustrating!

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