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Not sure if you can tell from the photo but it looks like the top row each gets its own individual roof deck. So which do you think would be better to get your own individual small portion of the roof fenced off or would you rather share a non divided larger open roof deck?

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  • Large, undivided would be my preference. In these smaller garden style condos, you won’t have too many days where you would see anyone up there anyway. Even still, doesn’t hurt to interact with your neighbors.

  • where are these?

  • Seems that many who post on site often talk about interacting with your neighbors, and give the impression that if you don’t – well you’re simply not neighborly or trying to build community. There’s a big caveat to that – what if your neighbors are awful? We all read the post recently about that one mentally ill neighbor. I’ve got my own stories… The point is, this illusion of one great big happy neighborhood, or this building with one big roof deck where everyone gathers in joyful joyfulness is really unrealistic. Of course we should make efforts to create a sense of community, but when it comes to certain things, for example this roof deck business, I’d much rather have a roof deck to myself than have to deal with the potential of craziness from my neighbors.

  • Amen, New Hampy. I get enough togetherness at work. When I come home, I want quiet time.

  • I used to live in a building on Adams Mill Rd in Adams Morgan that had a fantastic shared roof deck. I wouldn’t have traded that for the world for a private roof deck. First of all, condo buildings with private decks are just trying to maximize profit through selling private decks. In my building only about a tenth of the people really used the roof deck, but those who did were really dedicated. We probably had over a hundreds pots of perennials, bushes, and even some small trees and it was beautiful in the summer. It’s also how I got to know most of my neighbors — I think I knew almost everyone in the building (50 units). I was up there almost every night. Sure, there were a couple in the building who were unpleasant (there always are) but those people didn’t spend much time on the roof. I sold my tiny condo there almost 3 years ago to buy a house in Petworth…love being here, but I really really miss that roof deck and my old neighbors.

  • euclid at 14th

  • Those things (the units themselves) are hiddeous!

  • I live one building away from these. They have to be the worst, half-assed rehab job I have ever witnessed. The front of the building was added on to an old, shitty low-end apartment building. The back section was painted to resemble the front, but they are clearly different. The newly constructed section is clearly terrible. I have had a couple friends who do construction comment on the poor quality of the construction, particularly with respect to the windows. The building fluctuates between sitting vacant without any work being done on it for months, and then having a small crew of guys working in a manner that appears patently unsafe. Anyway, those apartments suck, and if they are condos, don’t buy them. I can assure you the construction is poor.

    All that being said, the roof decks are probably going to be sweet.

  • I agree. These and the building next door totally ruined this block. The rest of the block is set back from the sidewalk. These and the building next door were built right up to the sidewalk. I own in the building directly to east of these two buildings. They totally stole our sunlight!

  • As an architect, I was horrified to see the foundation and underpinning work done on this place. You won’t find me stepping foot into that building…

  • well they also ruined the block because the westerly lot was vacant and kids used to play baseball and football there. they started renovating that building over ten years ago (when I lived across the street).

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