Columbia Heights Featured on HGTV

Thanks to a reader for sending the cool news. The reader writes: “Did you see Designed to Sell on HGTV last night? It featured a Wardman row house on Parkwood Place and highlighted all the cool architectural details of these “rare” homes. They called our hood “prime real estate location” and said that homes typically sell between $500,000 and $750,000.”

HGTV’s Web site says: “Columbia Heights in Washington, D.C. is a prime real estate location, but homeowner Kenley Moy’s house doesn’t quite fit the bill. His 1910 row house is a unique property that was built by a famous real estate developer, however, its true personality and grace are hidden under too much white paint. Luckily, the Designed to Sell team is on their way over.”

Pretty cool stuff. You can check out all the before and after photos here.

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  • They did another designed to sell of a condo in Col. Heights last week as well.

  • yes, saw the condo show. They showed beautiful houses on the 1300 block of Kenyon and the partially-finished Target. The message was Columbia Heights is hot! hot! hot!

  • Parkwood Place rocks.

  • I’m sorry, but while cool, Wardman homes are hardly rare.

  • 3:11 Anon— I concur!

  • Parkwood would be better if DC could clean up the blocks between Newton and Parkwood. I’ve seen everything. It’s completely ironic that the DCCH headquarters is located in that area. They can’t even clean up their own block.

    The DCCH building looks like it was remodeled by an 8th grader.

    I wonder how many millions DCCH has gotten. Because they don’t share any information on their website, it’s impossible to know. The news flash on their website was from several years ago. They do not post their annual reports on their website.

  • YAY Kenley! Didn’t see the show but glad to see it’s drawing some attention.

  • They also did one on Hamilton and 13th in 16th Street Heights. The house ended up selling really fast for over $800K.

  • dcch was being investigated a few years ago or at least their president was. of course this was BT- before target so they probably have since stopped the investigation.

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