Beware the Segway

IMG_7744, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This guy was actually awesome. He was busting the chops of the proprietor of Dos Gringos in a very friendly and joking manner. He seemed to know everyone. This to me seems to be the ideal of an MPD patrolman. We need MPD guys like this guy in all of our neighborhoods.

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  • All hail the Segway cops! It seems more effective than the horses, at least.

  • The best place to store traffic cones is on your awning.

  • The MPD website says that stretch of Mount Pleasant is a designated foot patrol area, as part of Chief Lanier’s “Operation FULL STRIDE”. As of November 2007, the assigned officer for that beat was Patrol Officer Adams.

  • Is the guy in the background jaywalking?

  • haha, i noticed the guy in the background too.. did he get a ticket, PoP?

  • It would be great if Petworth could get one of those guys!

  • This past week I saw a two-person officer team, one ON FOOT and one on segway, walk/roll down my very residential street and the surrounding blocks here in Petworth. I stared out the window with my jaw dropped. It was awesome.

  • Dude, you don’t get tickets in DC for jaywalking. Nor do you get them for illegal U-Turns. That’s for the ‘burbs where the cops don’t have anything better to do…like catch bank robbers.

  • And while we’re on the background, why is there a safety cone on the roof?

  • I saw a cop on a segway in Petwork just last week. He was crossing Georgia Ave from Upshur and rolled down the street on the right side of the Library. I had never seen them before around the area so it seemed strange to me that he would be so far away from Downtown DC. Is this a new thing?

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