Best Sculpture in the City?

IMG_8076, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Or at least the most moving? This sculpture, located on Columbia Road, outside a homeless shelter or temporary housing of Christ House an inpatient medical facility for people who are homeless and have acute medical needs, is really powerful. But then I was thinking that the standing water in the begging bowl is a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. What’s wrong with me?

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  • For accuracy’s sake, it is outside of Christ House, a 33-bed inpatient medical facility for people who are homeless and have acute medical needs. It is the only one of its kind in DC. Check it out at

  • If the water gets some hosing every 2 days, mosquitoes can’t live. Plus, there are so many sparrows eating bugs right now, it’s worth having water for them and the other birds – it is surprising the number of species who visit Petworth, due to Rock Creek Park and Soldiers Home properties.

  • There is another statue similar to this some where near here and it looks as if the guy is giving out free mamograms.

  • …i think he’s panning for gold….

  • Actually, there are two statues by the same artist in the neighborhood. One is across the street in front of the Festival Center (, located at Mozart & Columbia. The other is in the back on Samaritan Inns (, located at 14th & Euclid.

  • The one that is across the street always would scare the beejezers out of me when I was walking back toward 16th when we lived in Columbia Heights. I would always forget he was there, I’d be humming a tune, thinking important things like “would the folks on Columbia Road notice if you swapped their blaring Tejano music for blaring Polka music?”, then, all of a sudden, Mr. Grabass is standing there at the corner to fright me silly.

    Bronze bastard.

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