An Odd Pop Up

IMG_7924, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What do you think of this one? It looks to me like a barn was plopped on top of this otherwise modern structure.

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  • I don’t think you can really call it a pop-up if it’s part of the original strucuture. This building was only built three or four years ago and replaced a garage.

  • where is this? I think it’s quite a nice building.

    basically anything that’s not abandoned passes as an improvement around here…

  • I agree…the whole thing was built at once so its not a pop up. Its not really my style…I prefer the more ‘traditional’ modern buildings with lots of glass, interesting new surface treatments and materials, and loads of cantilevered balconies. I do give the architect props for doing something different. Diverse architectural styles makes for a vibrant, interesting neighborhood.

    There’s a rowhouse on O st NW between 11th and 12th that reminds me of this one. I’m wondering if its the same architect.

  • ive lived within 5 blocks of this building for 10 years now, and within 15 blocks for the last 20. and to be honest, this is my least favorite building in all of DC, and maybe even other cities as well. what’s up with the northern-VA-style cheap materials neo-colonialism mixed with a feeble attempt at modernism? id rather see an abandoned house with corner-boys and character….. really.

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